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Should Danica Patrick join the Nascar Ranks now or wait til next season?

I thinks she should start now so we can see what she's made of.Even if she fails, She's still HOT !

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    Danica Is quite a successful driver,she is not doing anything wrong, if she was, Andretti-Green racing would not let her drive. I also think she could be a good fit in Nascar,because of her Marketability,I see a championship in her future.Danica is a winner and will continue to be a most sought after driver. with that said kindly stop the Danica bashing it just shows how insecure people are, So she was in the swimsuit issue of sports illustrated,who cares The girl can drive...

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    Honestly, I don't know enough about her driving skills to rate her--I don't follow Indy racing enough. From the little I do know, she seems overrated. I'd like to see her have more success in the IRL first.

    The reason? If she REALLY wants to race a stock car and is committed, great. More power to her. But if this offer to join NASCAR is based on her marketability, not her driving ability, and she flops, she will make it a zillion times harder on any woman trying to break into the sport later. I can hear the haters now: "See? A woman can't cut it in NASCAR! Look at Danica! She was too little/used her looks to get ahead/wasn't serious about it/etc.."

    Although as far as being "little" goes, I have to point this out--some of the guys driving out there now aren't exactly musclebound giants either.

    And frankly, I think screwing around with your boss and breaking up a marriage, like Erin Crocker did, is FAR worse than posing in SI.

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    Danica should wait she needs more experience i don't think the time is quite right for her yet but it is sure to come soon maybe not next year or the year after that but she will probably become a NASCAR driver sooner or later whether we like it or not

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    Never. I don't think she will be able to drive a Cup car. First of all, Look at Hornish, Franchitti, and Villeneuve. Second, she is too little. It takes a lot of strength and stamina, and I don't think she has IT. All she has is attitude and that won't carry her through in a 110 degree car. Also, if her power steering would ever go out, she would have to park it.

    She isn't that great of a driver. One win in over 4 years is NOT great. The only reason anybody in Nascar would want her is marketing and the same reasons most men on here want her.

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    Ladies please.. You aren't being fair.. Seriously..

    Danica is a really good driver, but if she doesn't use what she has to attract attention, she is toast, and she knows it.. As a driver she is really good, and getting better.. But most don't even care.. People are interested in her looks.. If you were all racers, and you had the ability to be mentioned more often, wouldn't you take it?? This represents more ads, more money.. Men in the sport are respected just for getting into the Indy 500, even if they finish last.. She does far better than that, can't you be just a tiny bit supportive?? Milka is racing to become "Playmate of the Year".. Danica can drive the s__t out of a car.. There is a difference.. She can beat the boys, and make them drool.. Ain't she got fun!! Y'all need to read about how hard it was to compete against the boys, and what happened to her along the way, before anyone ever heard of her.. You wouldn't be so judgmental.. At least I hope you wouldn't be.. I know all of you are nice people.. I read what you write.. Don't be like that.. You only hurt yourselves..

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    No. Right now she needs to focus on winning races in the IRL. Moving to NASCAR probably wouldn't be a great idea. The switch from open-wheel to NASCAR didn't work out well for many drivers last year (although Hornish has been running better lately). I wouldn't mind seeing Danica in NASCAR, but I don't think now would be a good time for her to make the switch. She's doing just fine right where she is.

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    I really do not see her coming to Nascar. She is quite happy in Indy Cars and has a good future ahead of her.

    And if you think it doesn't take talent and strength to drive an Indy car you are wrong.

    Yeah she is aggressive, she has to be she is a woman in a mans sport and as far as her attitude goes I have seen worse from Kyle, Kevin,Biffle, and a host of others.

    Shes just fighting for what she believes is right and I can't fault her at all.As for the pictures in SI, I thought they were taste fully done and I am sure her Husband is and was proud of them.

    Oh yeah ICE, she doesn't race F1 She Races INDY Cars, Think somebody needs to do their homework. LMAO

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    No, all Danica is is media ( commercials) and publicity. Our sport's doing just fine. If people weren't buying seats to the races, then we could get Danica over here to shake things up. Yes, even if she does fail, she is still HOT!!

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    No, I would not like to see Danica in Nascar, she needs to stay where she is. Looks don't get you wins, at least in racing.

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    I don't think Danica should come to Nascar. She is good in the IRL, let

    her stay there. That is her calling.

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