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Pros and Cons to a motorcycle?

I am 16 and my parents wont let me get a motorcycle is there anything i could tell them that might change their minds?

Also what are some cons to having a motorcycle?

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    Just the fact you want a motorcycle says something about you that your parents don't see. You are independent. If both parents are against your riding then I can only guess neither have ever ridden.

    Pros; Gas mileage

    Easy and less expensive maintenance

    No distractions : cell phones , stereos, passengers

    Fresh Air ; I do not remember the last time I had a cold.

    Cheaper Insurance and Tag

    Easier to park

    Make many new friends: Great social network

    Makes you much more self sufficient

    And my favorite Girls, Girls, Girls

    Cons ; Automobile Drivers That, while driving

    Use the cell phone


    Pay attention to their passengers

    The cd player or raidio

    Weather yes you will get wet and you will get cold. I

    believe that makes one tougher. I have not had a cold

    since I was a teenager.

    Less protection in a crash

    Less cargo: You would be surprised how much you can

    pack on a bike.

    As some one that has been riding forty two years I can say that motorcycle riders pay a lot more attention to their surroundings and the traffic they are in. Take your states motorcycle saftey coarse and listen and learn..Shorts and tennis shoes are not acceptable riding gear. Leather jacket, leather chaps, and as much as I hate to wear one, a helmet. Road rash does not go away.

    If you are set on getting a motorcycle and your parents just forbid you to do it, then you have to make your own decision. I'm not saying it was easy the first few years but it worked for me.

    Source(s): Forty two years on two wheels and still going strong.
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    Pros: Fun, easy to find parking, cheaper than cars, good fuel economy, can "split lanes" in some states (like Cali). Cons: More dangerous than cars, not as convenient for communting, No protection from the elements. Motorcycles are great but unless you live in Socal or somewhere else in the south, they're not the best source of primary transporation. You don't want to be riding to work if your not feeling well or tired/groggy in the morning. No cupholders or bluetooth (although there are bluetooth helmets). A motorcycle is better as a second vehicle. Most will agree that the most relaible (and affordable) brands are Japanese- Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki. Japanese brands are usually cheaper to buy and much easier/cheaper to maintain because they have long maintenance intervals. European bikes are cool- Ducati, Triumph, BMW, Aprilia- but they are generally much more expensive and need more maintenance. The maintenance is also more expensive. In the US there are a couple of small companies...and Harley. I'm not a huge Harley fan. If you like that look, you can get a Japanese bike that looks similar but is cheaper, lower maintanance and performs better (obviosuly thats just my opinion but I think most unbiased people would agree). Good luck!

  • Daniel
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    Fun to ride

    Decent gas mileage

    Usually reliable

    Meet great people


    It rains

    It snows

    You become a pinball between every vehicle on the road

    People tend to not pay attention to motorcycles

    Little space to carry items

    2 people max

    No seatbelts, airbags

    Expensive safety gear required

    Good luck convincing your parents. Take a MSF course.

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    You can try to chase down the study.... It was, if I recall correctly, Swedish. Two groups of new drivers, half on motorcycles, half in cars. The motorcyclists had fewer accidents and fewer injuries and fewer deaths. You can also look up the concept of "risk compensation."

    Driving a car you know that you are protected in a steel cage, and you have a tendency to take greater risks. On a motorcycle you know that if you are involved in a collision you *will* be hurt, and thus have a tendency to take fewer risks.

    Motorcycles *statistically* are deadlier than cars, but that is because motorcycles attract high risk thrill seekers who will be going out and killing themselves anyhow.

    The only con that I can think of is that you are exposed to the weather and have to wear protection from excessive sun, cold, water....

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    pros, excellent gas mileage, fun to ride, cheaper to maintain than a car. cons would be a lot of drivers dont pay attention to motorcyclist and motorcycles are considered dangerous. i dont find them dangerous but maybe thats because i ride them, as long as you are a safe rider and follow all regulations, also always wear a helmet and jacket and pants (personal experience) and that will help keep you safe in the event of the unthinkable.

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    Children today are children longer. They seem to be parented and supported way into their 20's and don't have a sense of personal responsibility. At 16 I was working full time construction after school, paying for my clothes, rent and had a Triumph Bonneville since 15.

    When you are still being parented, your parents have the right to think of you as a child and dictate the level of risk you are allowed.

    It's a trade off. An easy life, but restrictions, Or work you *** off and take on adult responsibility and adult freedom. It's your choice. I would say the smart choice is to leach off your parents and get yourself educated so you don't have to work so hard when you do become an adult.

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    i have the same problem. try using the save money on gas excuse or " it'll only be for a weekend spin"

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