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what do college scouts look for in high school football players?

40-yard 4.9

bench press 205

dead lift 400

squat 480

sophomore in high school


starting tight end next year

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    They look for speed times of course but more so guys who can play football. There are many track speedsters, but they can't play football. Coaches like players who won't quit, no matter what. If you are on special teams and get knocked down, get up immediately and continue down to make the tackle, never stop, never.

    Scouts are impressed by the drive and desire and heart of the player. That guy can make things happen and every team needs that guy.

    You have excellent and impressive times and strength, but how is your endurance? Can you give me 5 miles right now? How about 20 consecutive, 110 yard sprints? Many many college players after being drafted by a pro team still do not make the club for one reason, they cannot run. You are doing great, if you want to be the absolute stud moose, get your running in. Your weight training and running strength will make you a pillar of granite to bring down.

    Keep it up.

    You take care.

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    College teams look for size, depending on your position, speed, including lateral movement, strength, overall production on the field and education, many schools don't want a player who will make bad decisions on and off the field. Another key element in a good recruit is is durability, how long and how much punishment can he handle. Looking at your numbers that you put under the question i would say that your squat is good, but can still rise, and the fact that you have two years left is a good thing. I would work on getting your bench up and getting a little faster in the 40. Make sure you keep up with your studies because if you have higher grades you'll get a better look. I don't know if you have inflated your numbers a little bit or not but i would work on the list above. make sure you work hard always hustle and keep your motor running on high. Good luck.

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    besides just being strong you have to have football talent.... Go on college football team websites and fill out "prospective-student-athlete questionaires. That'll at least get you "on the map" and GRADES!

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    How good you are now, your potential, your measurables and your attitude. Different schools place different priorities on each.

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    hopefully they dont look for system qbs like peyton manning.

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    speed and strenth./.

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