The movie I made on Windows movie maker cannot be opened because it Says "not a valid Windows Movie Maker"?

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I used Windows Movie maker by uploading a homemade video. When I try to open it, I get this message: The file C:\Users\blah blah blah (my info).MSWMM cannot be opened because more
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once you made the edited version of your video you must have forgotten to publish it. if so folow these steps.
drag your edited video to the bottom where there are all the slides
press it
at the top or i think if you right click there should be a button called "publish"
press it
publish it to your computer and make sure yout know where it is getting published
once it is done go to the folder and double click it- it should work

btw i didnt really understand you so if you meant you wnted to run the file with windows movie maker-heres how
-go to my documents and navigate to your video
-minimize the window and open movie maker
-click and drag the movie from your documents or what ever folder its in and move it to the windows movie maker blank area.
it should now be able to be edited.

if i didnt answer right please tell me
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