Truth or truth ?

ok everyone ask the user above u a question and that user have to answer with 100% truth!!! and so on.....
Update: Please dont tell me i got the random people.... :(
HAHAHAHAHAH CR9 that really made me laugh
why did u have to ask that question???
ummm 2 days ago :D
Update 2: hahaha Audi and Miranda....
Update 3: this game is turning really naughty for some reason.....
Update 4: HAHAHAHAHAH Angela...
u dont? are u sure? ;)
Update 5: Angela: well ur bf does and he have a gf :D
remember ur answer one time to cuore's q about "What can i do if i can't go to sleep"...
remember? ;)
Update 6: Bella is 100% right, just admit it Angela.... nothing to be scared about and nothing is wrong about it..
Update 7: HAHAHAHA the last part of ur last edit made me laught Angela. :D
ok no more edits from me.
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