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home security systems?

um my house just got robbed(only $180 about to steal tv caught them in the act) and now we want a home security system what do u recommend

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    I do not recommend installing an alarm system yourself. The learning curve for a “do it yourself “system is to great.

    You should look at the security lawn signs posted at the houses near your property. And ask your Nabors if they like their alarm company. If you do fine one, call them and see if they own their central station. If they don’t, the response time may be increase if there is an alarm or trouble on your system.

    Most security systems on the market like DSC, GE, and Ademco are user friendly. So no matter what company you deal with you can be sure it will be user friendly if they properly show you how to use your system.

    Now I know you are concerned about another break in but when you do get a security system consider they can monitor other things as well. Get a Carbon monoxide detector. That gas is a silent killer. Smoke detectors, sump pump water sensors, and remote key-fobs are devices that will also give you peace of mind.

    I do like ADT (not just because I work for them) however I try to remain independent on my answers.

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    First you need to take care of the basics. Lock the doors and windows. Don't leave "hidden" keys around. Get to know the neighbors. Look for obvious security problems. When you purchase a security system be sure to get a 24/7 monitoring service. I never owned a system with a security camera, but this woman in Florida did:

    Read the article, listen to the audio, and watch the video. It's enlightening. I think she needed more aggressive dogs.

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    I recommend the Honeywell security systems from They work with you to be sure you're getting exactly the system you need for your unique home layout, and their prices are really great. Everything they offer is designed for self-installation, but they provide you with easy-to-understand directions and free professional telephone support should you run into any roadblocks. Hope this helps :)

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    You can find the best deals online. Home security systems are available at very cheap price on those sites. Also, you can get the whole system very easily by dialing the no. from the sourebox. Good Luck!

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    Security system is very important aspetcs to home. A home security system is something that can enhance the security of your home, have so many advantage to have it.

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    I would say the number one service for home security would have to be ADT hands down give em a call they have a lot more features now since they've updated.


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    Contact ADT or Brinks Security or another company like this.

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