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have to write an essay on civil war... help?

i have to write an essay about the causes of the civil war and it's driving me insane! i'm horrible at writing essays!! help would be much appreciated...


could you give me some facts or ideas about how to START it or something? i cannot tell you how horrible i am at writing essays!!!!! thanks! =]

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    The Civil War of America was a major conflict in American History, during the early 1860's. The civil war was a conflict between the Union, and the Confederate States. The Confederate States were seceding from the Union for states rights. the Union was trying to preserve the Union. Many famous doctrines that Lincoln proclaimed during this time are still respected and enforced today.

    Primarly( i suck at spelling) the slaves being free, is an extremely important event during the Civil War. For a long time President Lincoln believed that slavery was “wrong but necessary”. Therefore, on September 22, 1962, Lincoln issued a preliminary proclamation. It warned that on January 1, 1963, anyone held as a slave in the state still in rebellion against the United States would be emancipated. Then on January 1, 1963, Lincoln issued the formal emancipation proclamation. It stated that on January 1, 1963 all slaves in the union and the state that is in rebellion to the United States should be free. Since the rebelling states were not under the Union control no slaves actually gained freedom on January 1, 1963. The proclamation completely changed the war's purpose. Before, the war was about reserving the union and gaining states rights, after the proclamation, it became a fight for slaves freedom. It also allowed free blacks to enlist in the union army. In the website According to “slavery is wrong but necessary.”

    Right after the slaves being free and joining the union forces the union had more people and it was difficult for the confederate forces to win. Nevertheless, the Battle of Chancellorsville was one of the battles that proved the above statement wrong. The Battle of Chancellorsville was a major battle of the American Civil War, fought near the village of Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia, from April 30 to May 6, 1863. The Confederate forces, commanded by Lee and Jackson defeated the Union forces in three days. Although, the South won the battle, they had to face a severe loss. At dusk, nervous confederate sentries fired at what they thought to be a Union soldier. The “Union soldier” turned out to be Stonewall Jackson. Jackson died as a result of his injury several days later. In respect for Jackson, Lee said “I have lost my right arm.” As stated by “American Nation” pg 472.

    The Battle of Chancellorsville showed us that the Confederate forces had lost one of their major generals. But right after the Battle of Chancellorsville, a major battle took place and that battle was called the Battle of Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg is supposed to be the turning point for the Union troops. The Battle of Gettysburg happened from 1st of July till the 3rd of July outside of the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. All though the Confederate forces had broken the enemy lines they did not have suffeicent troops to secure the point. The Battle of Gettysburg left more than 160,000 Americans either wounded or killed. ( full web address)

    The Gettysburg Address was a speech by Abraham Lincoln delivered on November 19, 1863. The Battle of Gettysburg and the speech were four months apart from each other. In his Gettysburg Address Lincoln said that the Civil War was a test of whether or not a democratic nation could survive. He reminded Americans that their nation was founded on the belief that “all men are created equally”. Lincoln's aim in his speech was to give honor to the people who died fighting for our nation in hope that there would still be a nation in the end. Few people listened to the Gettysburg Address and it was a flat failure. But in the later generations people have honored Lincoln for his speech. (“American Nation” pg. 475).

    Lincoln made it clear in his speech that the only way to win the war is a total war against the Confederate forces. He knew that the North could replace their supplies but the South could not. He also knew that the battle was coming to an end. On April 2, 1865 General Grant of the Union forces took over Petersburg, and on the same day Richmond, the capital of the Confederate, fell. Lee and his army were sheltering at Petersburg and after the attack Lee and his army withdrew from Petersburg to a small Virginia town called Appomattox Courthouse. There, a week later, they were trapped by Union troops. Lee knew that his men would be slaughtered if they kept fighting. As the courageous general he was he surrendered in order to saved his troops. The war continued on for several months afterwards. finally late in 1865 the last confederates had been crushed in a small New Mexico ranch town. The war was over

    Source(s): i took this off the guy above you, but i edited it. it is about a B+ paper
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    The best help youll ever get:

    Type civil war essays on google and itll bring some up. It gives you reason, a good way to start, makes life easy!

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    The civil war began mainly because of four major reasons sectionalism, slavery, economics, and state's rights.

    SECTIONALISM- was when northern and southern states started to refer to themselves as sections

    SLAVERY- caused the war due to the debate between states of slavery vs. anti-slavery

    ECONOMICS- were a major problem due to the different dependencys on imports and exports; the north wanted a protective tarrif (tax) on imported and exported goods as they relied little on them, the south wanted no part of the tarrif as they were 90% dependent on imports and exports.

    STATES RIGHT'S-were the 4th major cause of the civil war; States Right's were the souths beleif that states government should hold more power than federal government.

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    just write about how people started going against slavery and the country got split .... there are a lot of sites that can help you just google them up just take a deep breathe and you'll be fine i promise its not that hard once you get going getting started is the hardest thing about essays

    good luck ^_^

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