Express, Banana Republic, or Ann Taylor Loft?

I am 30 years old, I used to be a size 22 about a year ago, now I am a size 4 (I had twin girls who are one now and I lost about 90LBs), now I want to get new clothes, buuuut I am moving to Puerto Rico to be close to family. Walking around in the mall I like Express, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft (not the regular Ann Taylor...too dressy for stay at home mom). Now in Puerto Rico there is only Ann Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic, buuut I CAN order online from Express. I am a size 4 across the board at these stores (tried clothes on already), but I cannot decide which store, if not all of them would be age appropriate for me, and if I really feel like dealing with ordering my clothes online or not (express). I haven't shopped for anything but maternity stuff since 2007 and I used to go to motherhood maternity, they had nice stuff, and pee in the pod at macys was good too. Any suggestions? Feel free to throw in other stores too, because I can order online if I have to. Thanks so much!

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    im 23 and i like express best. banana republic and ann taylor just seem too...idk, dressy for me...and honestly, a little bit too old. please note, i am by no means saying you are old, at ALL. so do not take offense, im just rediculously picky about my clothes sometimes. im at a really annoying stage where im too old to shop in juniors but too young to shop in the full on womens department. juniors looks too old to me, womens looks too old : S.

    plus express seems to have more variety. theres dressed down stuff for day to day wear but they have enough fancy stuff that you could easily build a whole wardrobe out of one store if you had to

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    I am 26 and I shop at all three of these stores. Express is my favorite because it is more affordable. I would shop at Banana Republic if i could afford it more often. I buy a lot of my work clothes from Ann Taylor loft. If you like the clothing, then you should shop at all three because they are age appropriate for you. Also, I am a size 4 and have ordered online from all three of these stores. Ann Taylor you have to be careful because they run differently through the seasons. Anyhow, happy shopping!

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    A lot of insightful answers here

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    Maybe, but I am not certain

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