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Marines ONLY..infantry..non infantry..secondary mos?

ok.. my husbands MOS is administration. i know that isnt what he wanted n hes not gona be happy bn a paper pusher...but since its been awhile since i'v talked to him..i cant ask him this..or ask what he is gna do or can do. can he change his mos? or like after he is done with MCT and MOS can he request to take more training(go to SOI). Like say he wanted to be a sniper or somthing infantry. could he go and request something in infantry or another job. (or have a secondary MOS) i just dont know if thats allowed..or if they have to wait till their contract is up. some1 please explain some of this to me. also id rather not hear smart a$$ comments. thanks so much.


its not me. iv seen his scores. they didnt just put him it that. he could be a grunt. the marines can train anyone to be a grunt. hes got scores to be more and to be an 03.he sstg asked y he wasnt. u didnt answer any of my questions.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    getting a lat move before a reenlistment is damn nere impossible. The Marine Corps is not going to waste their money training him in his mos just to let him change it as soon as he gets out of school..

    One option is if he wants out of his MOS is to try out for the Recon indoc. when it comes around. Its open to any MOS.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In all fairness hes pretty screwed. The Corps isn't going to change his mos and send him to SOI after they invested the time and money training him as admin. He'll probably have to end up waiting a few years and then can try to swing it as a re-enlistment bonus, or Marsoc is taking all MOSs now. But, I'm not sure if he'd be in admin or would qualify as a trigger puller. Plus, he'd have to wait until hes a Corporal to try out, and that'll take a year or two to happen. His mistake was going to bootcamp with an mos he didn't want. Let this be a lesson to the poolees out there.

    Secondary MOSs really only apply to people holding b billets. As in, a drill instructor whos an 0311 has the secondary mos of 8511. Or a supply Sergeant who is on recruiting duty gets 8411 as a secondary. They aren't going to send an admin bubba to SOI only to return to his desk job.

    Source(s): 0311 usmcr oif 8-1
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  • Mark23
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    1 decade ago

    not much he can do ..,back in 05 (when i first check in) they need volunteers for infantry and they would let them change before MCT so i heard ,but due there more infantry now that we need..i doubt it.(kind of an oxymoron people want to be infantry when everything calms down..) hes pretty much screwed..he have to wait 3 years and half to able to reenlist to change MOS and then by then he be an NCO in SOI it could be hard on him because they will expect so much more from an NCO..

    Source(s): USMC 04-08
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get got a pencil pushing job for a reason. The CO's of the USMC aren't stupid. They aren't going to put someone who has mediocre to low PT scores as an Infantryman. If he wasn't qualified to be a normal 03 he defiantly can't get into Scout Snipers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    he won't be able to just change jobs. he'd have to re enlist and qualify for something else. you can only try out for sniper if your a grunt. and he could try for recon but if he made it you minds well file for divorce cause you'll never see him. he should just make the best of his situation. go to school when he can and try and go overseas.

    Source(s): 8 years marine corps active.
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