Who else besides Leonard Cohen sing the song 'Hallelujah'?

I don't really like how Leo sings it. Do and of you guys know who else sing it?

Extra: I ♥ the part of the song:

"I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord!"


(First person to answer reasonably gets best answer... because I extended the expiration date already)

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    Hoel, Jørn Hallelujah Jørn Hoels heteste Norway 2006 Eng xx

    Hest, Ari Hallelujah Live at Ziggy's Bar USA 2002 Eng mc-15

    Jong, Tracie de Hallelujah Turning in New Zealand 2004 Eng mc-14

    Karaoke album Hallelujah Enya and Leonard Cohen USA 2002 Instr CD

    Lisa Hallelujah Hallelujah (single) Holland 2009 Eng Arc

    Lind, Espen - Nilsen, Kurt - Fuentes, Alejandro & Holm, Askil Hallelujah Hallelujah Live Norway 2006 Eng Arc

    Allan, Josh Hallelujah The let go USA 2006 Eng mc-25

    Lloyd, Alex Hallelujah Other side USA 2006 Eng xx

    Just B Hallelujah Meanwhile, back on the asteroid USA 2005 Eng mc-23

    Lucky Jim Hallelujah Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (soundtrack album) Germany 2004 Eng mc-19

    Long, Marjorie Hallelujah Aflame USA 2007 Eng Arc

    Loaded Strings and Wood Hallelujah Classic rock sculptures vol 1 Australia 2008 Eng xx

    Karmadillo Hallelujah Covering all basses UK 2008 Eng xx

    Aftab, Arooj Hallelujah Collection 1 USA/Pakistan 200X Eng mc-19

    Acappology Hallelujah Long time coming USA 2008 Eng xx

    Lang, K. D. Hallelujah Hymns of the 49th parallel USA 2004 Eng mc-12

    L(ukeman), Jack Hallelujah Rooftop Lullaby Ireland 2000 Eng mc-4

    K's Choice Hallelujah Paradiso Holland 1999 Eng mc-27

    Laula, Carol Hallelujah To let USA 2004 Eng xx

    Acho, Steve Hallelujah Covers unconvered - Live acoustic concert I USA 2006 Eng Arc

    Leith, Damien Hallelujah Winner’s journey USA 2006 Eng xx

    Leigh Cobble, Tara Hallelujah Playing favorites USA 2008 Eng xx

    Laverman, Nynke Hallelujah Cohen in het Fries (CD/DVD) Holland 2008 Fri CD

    Jupiter/in/January Hallelujah Photographs of ghosts USA 2007 Eng Arc

    Jones, Vince Hallelujah Live Australia 1999 Eng mc-6

    McDonald, Michael Hallelujah Soul speak USA 2008 Eng xx

    Jaensch, Juergen Hallelujah Ich kenne Deine Träume Germany 1997 Eng JA

    Max, Kevin Hallelujah Between the fence and the universe USA 2004 Eng mc-27

    Jazz Mandolin Project - Jamie Masefield Hallelujah The deep forbidden lake USA 2005 Instr xx

    McDonald, Michael Hallelujah Soul speak USA 2008 Eng xx

    Mean Larry & Friends Hallelujah Chelsea Hotel: A tribute to Leonard Cohen USA 2000 Eng CD

    Migenes, Julia Hallelujah Meilleur de Julia Migenes USA 1993 Eng xx

    Hryniw, Carrie Hallelujah Finding grace USA 2008 Eng xx

    Melara, Mehan Hallelujah Series of small victories USA 2008 Eng xx

    Jenkins, Bow Hallelujah The acoustic sessions UK 2006 Eng mc-22

    Jenkins, Katherine Hallelujah Sacred arias UK 2008 Eng xx

    Macbrolan Hallelujah Veranda USA 2006 Eng mc-19

    Jones, Aled Hallelujah Reason to believe UK 2007 Eng Arc

    Jones, Ashton Hallelujah Demo USA 2004 Eng mc-18

    MacNeil, Luke Hallelujah Under covers USA 2006 Eng Arc

    Malchicks, The Hallelujah To kill a mockingbird UK 2008 Eng xx

    Martin, Jeff Hallelujah Live in Brisbane 2006 Australia 2006 Eng Arc

    Many Angels Hallelujah To you USA 200X Eng mc-17

    Malcontent Hallelujah Second fiddle New Zealand 2008 Eng xx

    Moira Hallelujah Coming up roses USA 2008 Eng xx

    Freya Hallelujah CD single Denmark 1999 Eng mc-3

    Casale, Giulio Hallelujah L’uomo col futuro di dietro Italy 2005 Ita mc-24

    Popa Chubby Hallelujah Big man big guitar: Popa Chubby live USA 2005 Eng mc-20

    Diop, Wasis Hallelujah Wasis Diop: Judu bek Senegal 2008 Fre xx

    Poma-Swank, The Hallelujah Red sky in Brooklyn USA 2005 Eng Arc

    Wilgus, Jeffrey Hallelujah Signature USA 2007 Eng Arc

    Twentytwo Brides Hallelujah Blazes of light USA 1997 Eng mc-1

    Dick, Trevor Hallelujah Glory and peace USA 2007 Eng Arc

    Wild Mercy Hallelujah Furious fancies USA 2005 Eng xx

    Quebb Hallelujah The Venice reprise, part one USA 2005 Eng mc-21

    Up to fly Hallelujah You're all invited Norway 2002 Eng xx

    Puustjärvi, Anni Hallelujah Idols 2008: Tähtiluokka Finland 2008 Fin xx

    Prayerbabies, The Hallelujah Sundee best 200X Eng xx

    Batalla, Perla Hallelujah We three kings USA 2008 Eng xx

    Bates College Deansmen, The Hallelujah The deansmen: a century half full USA 2007 Eng Arc

    Piano Strings Soundtrack Hallelujah Tribute to Shrek USA 2003 Instr xx

    Piano Strings Ensemble Hallelujah Piano strings tribute to the passion USA 2004 Instr Arc

    Turner, Dale Hallelujah Interpretations USA 2004 Eng mc-28

    Captain Smartypants Hallelujah Undercover USA 2004 Eng mc-18

    Spilde, Eirin Hallelujah By heart & by soul Norway 2008 Eng xx

    Dylan, Bob Hallelujah Critic's Choice Vol.3 (bootleg) (live, Montreal 1988) Eng M1

    Wainwright, Rufus Hallelujah Shrek (soundtrack) USA 2001 Eng mc-8

    Pascal, Daniele Hallelujah Dance me to the end of love S. Africa 1996 Eng PA

    Peled, Noam Hallelujah Promo single Israel 2005 Heb CD

    Voegele, Kate Hallelujah Don't look away USA 2007 Eng xx

    William, Sean Hallelujah Don't worry, it's important USA 200X Eng xx

    Caro feat. Charlie Batchelor Hallelujah The 4th way USA 2007 Eng Arc

    Williams, Kathryn Hallelujah Relations UK 2004 Eng mc-15

    Pettersson, Sofia Hallelujah Slow down Sweden 2002 Eng xx

    Vocal Line Hallelujah Vocal stories Denmark 2006 Eng xx

    Carlile, Brandi H

    Source(s): list from the Leonard Cohen files: http://www.leonardcohenfiles.com/
  • 3 years ago

    Jeff Buckley does an acoustic guitar version... Rufus Wainwright does a piano version, it grew to become into on the soundtrack to the 1st Shrek action picture and is my own primary version. 2008 X component Winner Alexandra Burke does a woman vocal version (heavily do no longer hear to this, it incredibly is damaging)

  • 3 years ago


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