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Why can't Rap and Rock coexist?

Why can't we just get along and combine the two genres into one super genre?

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^Proof it can be done well^

I propose we continue this and make even more compilations of this new genre. So, what do you say?

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    Hey “HATERS,” here’s a little history for you.

    Rap and Rock goes back to the beginning... together. They’re brothers from the same mother.

    The old rockers used the style of rapping to deliver their message. Check out Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley:

    Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode and Maybelline

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    Bo Diddley - Hey, Bo Diddley and Bo Diddley

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    Check out Jimi Hendrix giving a kicking A$$ tribute to one of his teachers:

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    Check out some of Hendrix’s students:

    Funkadelic - Super Stupid

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    P-Funk rapped on many of their cuts, like James Brown did, and the first MC rapper Jocko Henderson. But this song by Parliament-Funkadelic says it all. In the beginning, Eddie Hazel plays a rife from Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies, then he continues to show us who the true heir to Hendrix’s throne is (along with his protégé Michael Hampton). Check them out with the rapping vocals:

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    Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are students of the Funkadelics. Their lead man Melle Mel works on some great rap and rock on this album:

    O.G. Funk - Out Of The Dark (1994)

    The Funkadelics had other students in rap and rock (including Buckethead, Primus), but this student Public Enemy (who influenced Rage Against the Machine, Michael Franti w/Spearhead) took rap and rock to another level with this release:

    Public Enemy - Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age (1994)

    ...but of course it didn’t sell as well as it should've, because the industry manipulators would rather push “Puffy and Thuggy,” instead of good music.

    p.s. Rap and Hip-Hop are not the same; Hip-Hop is the culture.

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    The Beastie Boys did it...

    And there was Aerosmith + Run DMC. Heck, many of the first rap artists sampled rock songs. Check out rap songs from the early 80s.

    And today, you've got rap-rock/rapcore artists like Bloodhoung Gang, POD, some 311, Linkin Park, Big B, Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit.

    Although, personally, I'm not a fan of half of the bands I just listed.

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    Because rap is ruled mostly by Sex, Drugs, Money. Not my type of Genre. Metal (or Rock) speaks out in their songs and you can feel the emotion. And Rock pumps you up, while Rap burns my ears.

    Rap= Rhyming, terrible, uneeded poetry with no true singing and message. A beat and rhyming and a kid off the street and you got rap.

    Rock= Guitar, drum, singing talent. Emotion and feeling in the song. Pump up kind of feeling.

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    it can be done well! ...but judging by what i see here on R&P, not many people like Rap that like Rock as well, except for a few more 'open minded' individuals... and i've no idea what the majority of rap fans think of Rock!

    this Raps/Rocks! ...

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    Source(s): *edit* yay Sookie! great album :) *edit 2* yeah the stars (of rap and rock ;) really aligned on that album... not one duff track imo! shame the same can't be said about the flick lol! *edit 3* another great album worth checking out is this featuring Dave Lombardo... ...good stuff :)
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  • it can, its called Rap-Metal like the band Rage Against The Machine there music is rap and rock... so they can coexist... or look at Anthrax and Public Enemy they did a metal remake of bring the noise... it's awesome so they can, but alot of rappers and metalheads choose not to get along...

  • yeah its does

    actually, called nu metal

    or you can just have rappers

    get with band members

    and make a hit song from there

    i can listen to everything almost except country

    that just makes me want to barf

    i wrote a rap one time and my band we

    did instrumentals over it and it actually sounded

    good but that was only as a joke

    other than that i play keyboard/guitar in a band

    and rap on the side with my friends

    i miss ol dirty bastard

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    Because Rap blows, and Rock is awesome. Also, I'm not being close-minded, because close-minded implies you judge a genre without hearing it, I've heard it and it's lousy!

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    Oh, they can coexist. It's just that Rock will out live Rap by a long shot.

    Ever hear Aerosmith and Run DMC "Walk This Way"?

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    You never heard of Ice T and Body count?

    sos can't find a clip that won't be a violation so you'll have to Google it!

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    The Judgment Night soundtrack rocks.

    Edit: Hi, migh! I really, really dig that album. :) are so right about the movie! Yikes!

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