Black women who SWIRL...?

Are there any black ladies here who usually don't date black men...not for any particular reason (like no negative reason) but who just, for some reason, date white, latin, Middle Eastern, Indian, etc. but haven't really found a common ground with black men...

What have your experiences been? Negative? Positive? Reactions from black men/black women/your families?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, I haven't really seriously dated Black men but I have them as friends. I have always dated hispanic or white. My current boyfriend is white. I have had many problems with racism from people because he's white and I'm black and when I was with my ex [the hispanic guy] he was illegal so I was always afraid that he would get deported. It was awful. I'm a lot happier now though and we have been together almost a year. We love eachother and what people say and think now makes no difference whatsoever. I don't dislike my own race, I just tend to be more attracted to those who are outside of my race, that's all. Just as my boyfriend is the same way. =)

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    I am one of those ladies, I exclusively date outside my race. I have always befriended non-black when I was younger, and I guess that shaped who I would be attracted to now. I have a good relationship with my father and other black male relatives, but I have always seen black men only as friends. The men I have dated were so sweet to me and the difference of skin tones is a big turn on, I seem to attract white men the most. My family is supportive with who I date and just want me to find a good man, and so were their families. I hope more black women will start to SWIRL more, it is awesome !!

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    Listen-men are men. I have dated a plethora of men and have had some trying experiences and some really enjoyable ones as well. It really depends on the individual/upbringing. For example, there are some things inherent to black men that only they have/exhibit/emanate. The same can be said of other races as well. So to each, its own.

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    I had a white guy go on a coke binge after I broke up with him and told me "he should have killed me when he had the chance."

    I had a Middle Eastern dude let me hold his Escalade everyday, but I couldn't go inside his sister's house.

    I had a Lebanese man who let me keep one of his cars and I used to stay at his home with him on the weekends. Different than the other guy.

    I dated a Romanian guy who couldn't communicate his emotions but he was very passionate in other ways.

    I dated a black guy who cheated on me and had a baby, then ended up physically assaulting me.

    I've dated an Asian lawyer who was just too reserved.

    I had one guy try to buy my affection and then called me a N**** after I told him I just wasn't into him.

    I met my husband who's Vietnamese/German at a club and he walked up and asked me to dance and we've been inseperable from then on.

    So, you see, you just can't tell who's going to be the one for you because just because they're a certain race means nothing.

    My family loves my husband, and never had a problem with me dating outside my race. Other people's families (the ones I got to meet) were superficially nice, but it was apparent they weren't too keen on the arrangment. Obviously other family member of other guys didn't live in the States.

    It's a hit or miss. So, again, while it seems so enticing and adventurous to date a different type of man, you're still going to have to deal with that particular man's personality and flaws.

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  • Ayita
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    1 decade ago

    I date all men I don't discriminate. My current man is white. But ever since I've had my hair natural not many Black men have apporached me and if they do they always have something negative to say about my hair and how I should get a perm or grow it out.

    I really don't care what other think of me.


    Why the **** are people giving me thumbs down?

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    1 decade ago

    I only date mostly white guys, although I've dated all kinds from Hispanic, black, and pakistani, however, I tend to like white guys better. Although my first love was a black guy, he wasn't the typical one.

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    1 decade ago

    for me, black guys just didn't approach me as much as other races. even though i am married to a black man now, my 1st hubby was white. My family wasn't too happy about me being with a white man, but the funny thing is my father is half-white. He wanted to get rid of the white blood in our family.

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    1 decade ago

    ive been dating my white bf for over year and a half and so far ive have good experiences. some black men were haters. i think my family would actually prefer me to be with a white man. im close with his parents

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    1 decade ago

    Since I was 12 I liked white men, but after tons of complaining black women I decided to take a look at black men and it is true what they say, plus the women of my family are proof. But I never dated a black guy nor do I want a friendship with one. If black men were to change I will be honest I still would go for white men, can't help it. My boyfriend looks so cute and hot its creepy! I love how he talks of psychology subjects, he is a great cook like me, plays the drums and we both love rock. When we go out we never had any bad looks from black women just surprized ones sometimes, or some will give me a look like you go girl kind of thing. I have had a group of black men try to follow us saying racist things to my boyfriend, but I said I would call the police if they get any closer, my boyfriend wanted to try to fight off five black men who may have a record and no one is going to touch him! So I called 911 and they called me cracker lover and backed off. I canceled the call. But its mainly from jealous black men or rare, but older black women. My mom and grandmother wanted me to date a black man but well its my life.

  • All the black women i know date inside their ethnic group or race.

    with few exceptions.

    being bf is the only non-black guy ive dated...hes human like everybody dont really care wht ppl thiink.

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