What do you think of the World Naked Bike Ride? It's happening in a few weeks on June 13th. Read for more-----?

It is basically an event that protests our rabid consumption of fossil fuels. The nudity is a rorschach test - some say it shows our vulnerability as humans in a world we mistreat, others say it challenges the idea that nude is lewd, others say that the nudity symbolizes simplicity and union with nature. At any rate, arrests are quite rare, but many times participants are asked to cover up or be cited or arrested. In some places it's totally legal. San Francisco has no laws regulating nudity, and the state law says that nudity must be lewd or lascivious to constitute a crime. What say you? Would you participate?



I respect (but disagree with) your p.o.v., hedda. Seems well thought out. I especially like your last suggestion. Local petitions that can be sent to Washington.....

Update 2:

Cy, Wicked Wanda....The way these things work is that the path the riders take is pre-planned. You do not have to go see them if you don't want to. Also, Cy, children are definitely not "scarred for life" or with any other similar meme simply by seeing simple nudity. They will of course ask questions. They are curious. But naturist families take their nude children when camping, hiking, etc. children, in other words, wouldn't be harmed.....

Update 3:

C'mon guys/gals. This is just PART of ONE DAY.....:-)

I'm not calling y'all prudes or anything, but like I said, you don't have to look if you don't want to. Besides, they will be seated on the bike....

Update 4:

right on. !

Thanks for your input deighton - any chance you're a CalTech student?

Update 5:

Violation. In San Francisco it's 100% legit and legal. In some other places it may be as well. Yet in others, it's technically not legal but law enforcement use discretion and do not bring charges. THE BOTTOM LINE IS IT'S WORLDWIDE!

Update 6:

Wicked Wanda, you are ultimately saying that you would not even tolerate a controlled display for only part of one day. Let's say someone really WAS caught by surprise. That person can look away easily. You are saying, and unfortunately most city/state governments agree, that you and others have the right NOT to be offended. Fortunately for me and others who advocate for a freedom of body culture, the meme of simple nudity as constitutionally protected expression is gaining momentum, however slowly. Also, there are many surprising situations where jurisdictions will actually cooperate with the nude cyclists, even if the nudity MIGHT be _technically_ illegal... People are more tolerant of simple nudity in public than a lot of people would suspect. I'm not trying to say that you're not tolerant by any means. Also, please don't take offense at any of what I say, I am obviously just passionate about the issue .. ;-) be well!

Update 7:

Also, just to let you know. Urban nudists/naturists DO appear in some downtowns in the U.S., and it's perfectly legal. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to provide you with dozens of pics, but they are there, my friend.

Update 8:

Also, just to let you know. Urban nudists/naturists DO appear in some downtowns in the U.S., and it's perfectly legal. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to provide you with dozens of pics, but they are there, my friend.

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    Personally I prefer to not be bombarded with images of people's butts straddling bike seats naked.

    I know I don't have to go see them if I don't want to. The problem is that riding a bike through any populated area is going to catch someone by surprise and hopefully it won't be me. Naturalists and nudists take their family camping in private places where nudity is common....not to the downtown area of their local city.

    I never said I wouldn't tolerate it...just that I don't really want to see it.

    And although some nudists show up in some towns they don't show up in all towns.

    Quit overreacting

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  • No Where else but Sissy Frisco would try this....

    I hope that the Paramedics have plenty of tools for extracting the seats from these Fine folks...Forgot to add...BUTTS...

    I also hope that Algore tries his 'hand' at it as well....the sight should shut down the event is a heartbeat....Ya missed is missy...I meant that the SIGHT of seeing a naked Algore with a bicycle seat up his crack would send EVERYONE home...NAUSEATED.....

    SAVE THE "TA TA"....

    PS.W W...the 'seats' won't be 'seen' for long with this crowd...Disappearing quickly....

    PSS...I'm betting he signs his real name using ALL three....

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd be a laughing stock, so I wouldn't enter it. Also imagine if you fell off the bike, it could get stuck in the chain, ouch.

    Nudity is not harmful to kids in my opinion, seeing a person naked in a non sexual manner is not bad and will not do anything to a kid.

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  • Ella
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    1 decade ago

    I honestly don't understand the need to be naked to amplify the protest.

    If anything, it just brings out more spectators to watch, take pictures, then post those pictures online.

    Then the naked person gets pissed because they feel they are being exposed inappropriately on the Internet.

    If you want your country's leaders to focus more on alternative fuel sources, then start a petition within your community.

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  • Cy
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    1 decade ago

    Why is it necessary to be naked to protest fossil fuels? Can't you get your point across without exposing innocent children to a grown person's private parts??!!!

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