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Breastfed 7 week old eating every 1-2 hours during the day?

I'm breastfeeding my 7 week old, and I noticed that he eats very, very often. He eats roughly every 1-2 hours during the day and feeds for 10-20 minutes at each feeding.At night he usually goes 4-6 hours for the first feeding and then about 2 hours for each one after that. It seems that if he's not eating, he just finished. I tried a soother, but he doesn't like it (personally, I don't like using it either) Is this normal? I don't think its a growth spurt because it's been going on for the past few weeks. Any tips on how to make his feedings go longer? Or is this just a normal phase he will pass through, or maybe he's doing it for comfort?

Thanks for any tips! :)


I do hear him swallowing, he's putting on weight for sure! Already up to 12 pounds, and he was only 7 pounds 5 oz at birth lol he's a big boy!

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    Thankfully he's going longer at night! My daughter did this for a few days and then I had to run a bunch of errands one day and it seems like when we're out an about she doesn't get fussy to eat. So she went about 4 hours during the day without eating and when I got home she finally showed signs of being hungry and ate a lot! This made her more full than usual and then she continued to go longer in between feedings.

    If he only wants to eat for 10 or 15 minutes try -not- switching breasts. Have him eat for 5-7 mins and then burp him (because he gets a lot of milk fast with let down) then let him continue eating on the same breast. If you burp him early he won't get full so fast so he can eat more. Just let him go for as long as he wants and if he's still swallowing that means you aren't empty. The longer he goes on one breast the more hind milk he will get which is more fatty and will keep him more full longer. If he is still hungry and not swallowing then switch him to the other breast... but if he's only eating 10-20 minutes he probably won't empty you. Maybe at 20 mins but my daughter has never emptied me -once-.

    Someone suggested giving your baby water! Do NOT do this. Water isn't good for babies because it dilutes their blood. They get plenty hydrated with breast milk (especially yours because he is eating so frequently). Water isn't recommended until the baby is at least 4 months old and even then only in very small amounts.

    And DO NOT have a beer every 4 hours, I don't know why anyone would suggest this! And right before a feeding?! So ridiculous. Its only recommended that if you want a beer for pleasure that you have ONE and do it -after- a feeding, never before!

    Also don't let your baby cry for 15 mins before feeding him. I don't know why that person is giving you such terrible advice but don't listen. Your baby is hungry, so why would you let the poor thing cry for 15 mins while you drink a beer? I'm speechless.

    Anyways, try making him get all the hind milk, and if this routine doesn't let up in a few days then ask to see a doctor OR even better a lactation consultant (they know much more about feeding babies than pediatricians) and they can give you advice.

    Is a soother a pacifier? If you are really against using them then don't, but its okay to give him one after he's eating a lot and is still acting hungry. If he's still fussy -with- the pacifier you'll know he wants more food, if he is soothed and calmed down with one then you'll know he just wanted to suck for comfort.

    12 pound wahoo! He sure is a big boy! How cute! Good luck and I hope it gets better for you! =]

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    He's going through the normal 6 week growth spurt. Growth spurts happen typically at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months. Babies will often feed sooner. Every 2 hours is exactly right. Just so you know, formula makes babies gassier than breastmilk so you may have a larger issue. Milicon Gas Relief drops always work well though. Best wishes.

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    my son was the same way. He's 13 weeks now and eats about every 3 hours now, although sometimes he will want to nurse after only 2 hours. He also does about a 6 hour stretch at night. It does sound like a growth spurt, I think it will pass and just keep on nursing on demand. My son also only eats for 10 min. He is just very efficient..even when he eats every 3 hours he will still only nurse for 10 min at a time. Good Luck!

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    Is he actively breastfeeding? Can you hear him swallowing? After ten minutes or so when your flow slows down and he is swallowing less frequently, try using compression. Gently massage your breast while he is still latched to encourage more hindmilk to get into him, hopefully keeping him full longer. Once you have emptied that breast using compression, let him have as much as he wants from the other side, using compression again if he is still not finished. If you don't mind him using you as a pacifier, you could try getting a sling or carrier that you are able to nurse in.

    Oh and don't listen to Kris L. Do not give your baby water to hold him over! They only need breastmilk at this age (It has all the water they need until they start solids. They can get too much water very easily and it messes up thei electrolytes, as well as hindering the amount of nutrition they are getting!

    Source(s): Advice from my lactation consultant
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    That doesn't seem very frequent to me for a 7 week old. Mine fed more frequently at that age, although they both had a spell in the middle of the day of 2 - 4 hours when they slept through without feeding.

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    Drink a beer before feeding your son. This will relax you and will also relax your milk glands so your son can get more food. Always feed from both breasts at every meal, and each time your son cries because he's hungry let him cry for fifteen minutes before you pick him up to nurse (drink your beer during the waiting time). If you do this (not a beer at every feeding though, just one ever 4 hours) you'll notice that your son is sucking harder and getting more milk and should be spacing his feedings to every 2-3 hours during the day. Don't give him any 'soother' but do give him a bottle of plain tap water (boiled and put into the bottle) when he tries to nurse before his next 2-3 hour feeding. Babies get thirsty and the weather is getting warmer now, so the water will help him not feel so dehydrated, will 'fill him up' to help him space his feedings better, and give you a little time to rest and recuperate before you are on 'baby duty' again ... which means you'll release more milk at his 'regular' (set by you) feedings.

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    Completely normal. A baby this age averages about 10-12 feeds in 24 hours. If he's going 4-6 hours at night, he will need to eat every hour at times during the day to make up for it.

    You don't need to change anything.

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    This is just a phase,trust me u will get over this.My daughter used to do the same thing except,that she wa good at night time.She was on my breast the whole day,they call this growth spurt.I was so frustated that i thought of giving up on BF but it got better when she was 3.5 months old and know she is happily BF with no issues.

    So give you'r self some time,u will get over this.

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    Sounds pretty normal. My son breastfed like crazy for the first few months, too. Is he gaining weight at a good rate? If he isn't, that could mean he isn't getting enough but as long as his weight is good, don't worry about it.

  • Completely normal for his age. As long as he is putting on weight and having wet diapers he is doing fine. As he gets older, and his stomach grows he will start being able to eat more at a time and go longer between feedings.

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