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Where can I find/order Albanian novels & books written in Albanian?

and by Albanian Authors? I can find the ones translated but I'm trying them in Albanian. Any suggestions?

ex. Kadare, Stermilli, Drenova, De Rada, books of poetry...

I went here:

but they only have books translated in Albanian from other languages.

also if anyone gets the chance to read this, can you suggest any Albanian literature to me? It's been a while...


Oh Mark, you're so clever! But I can't visit there nor do I know anyone who could send me any! If I could find an Albanian website that would be good but idk if they ship to the US.

Shotgun Tony, are you just joking? If you're not, the dialect doesn't matter to me, the authors are listed above, and I don't know what you mean about script lol.

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    Albania. Duh!

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    Hello Sara...after I read your question I thought for myself aswell. I cant remember the last book I read in Albanian language.

    Anyway here is a website which sells Albanian books etc:

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    I'm going to try to find something for you; it would help if you could identify a few authors you're particularly interested in, as well as which script you wish the books rendered in and, if applicable, which dialect. (12.45 EDT) I've just found a link at that gives a few examples of modern Albanian authors; however, it offers their works "in translation."

    (12.49 EDT) by script, I mean Roman, Cyrillic or Arabic

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