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yahoo mail would not let me log in...why is this happening?

i have had the same e mail on yahoo for over a year and i have had no problems and then out of nowhere last weekend yahoo would not let me log in...i have a lot of important travel information in my e mail so i really need to figure this out...yesterday i made a new e mail and a new yahoo answers account...but i really do need to get my old one back...i contacted the customer service yesterday but they have not gotten back to me yet...has this happened to anyone else? did you get you account back?


i contacted the costomer care and they told me my acount was deleted and there is no way i can get anything out of it....i don't know why this happened...i had very important travel information in that account and they will not let me acess it....

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    There are three ways to get out of this problem.The options are▼▼

    Option1► If you are using All New Email try switching back to Classic to see if that will help.

    How to switch back to mail classic

    ************************** **************

    Under yourname(near sign out) at the top of your Yahoo! Mail page, there's a Mail Classic link. Click Mail Classic to go back to the Yahoo! Mail version you're already familiar with.

    If it doesn't work, Click the direct link to return back to classic mail and click "yes" button.


    Option2► If you are having problems with your email and need technical help contact customer care at:

    Yahoo! Mail Technical Help Form

    Yahoo! Customer Service




    The E-Mail address for Yahoo!customer care is


    Hope some of this info helps!!!


    Option3► Yahoo has been notified about this problem and said they are working on the problem. In the meantime, you can use one of these links, it's basic, no frills, but it works. or;

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    i do no longer like it the two!! I particularly consider others, that no be conscious grew to become into given, so final down one night it grew to become into blue, next morning it quite is all pink! Yuk. The least Yahoo could have accomplished grew to become into given us past caution. additionally, my husband has Bt Yahoo, and his isn't affected. prefer i ought to circulate lower back to his, as I lots desire the previous version. Like somebody else, I additionally like the 'what's New' button. when I even have opened an digital mail, then hover over the sender, their digital mail handle grew to become into shown in a separate 'balloon'. this would not now ensue. Very troublesome when I even have sent an digital mail to a minimum of one individual with 2 addresses, uncertain that's the final one! in simple terms thrilled that others asked what had surpassed off, in any different case i might have thought it grew to become into my pc!

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