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With this lineup next season can my UNC Tar Heels make it back to the Final Four?

G Larry Drew

G Marcus Ginyard

F Tyler Zeller

F Dion Thompson

C Ed Davis

That's the likely lineup of UNC without Lawson and Ellington

UNC should have the best inside combination in the country next season.

Larry Drew coming on will be key to another long NCAA tournament run

Could defending 2009 champ UNC make the Final Four again with this roster

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    If Larry Drew becomes a more controlled player and gets better offensively during the off season then it's a possibility. And by the way, it's Deon not "Dion." And i don't think Zeller's going to start It's gonna be:

    PG: Larry Drew

    SG Dexter Strickland/Leslie McDonald (both incoming Freshman)

    SF: Marcus Ginyard

    PF: Deon Thompson

    C: Ed Davis

    Ginyard isn't good enough offensively to play the 2 guard.

  • Rob K
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    Davis, Ginyard and Thompson are still top flight players; so another run to the Final Four is certainly not out of the question. I also agree with you that Larry Drew coming on is key; not to mention so is Marcus Ginyard's health.

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    Yes and nice freshmen class,

  • .
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    1 decade ago

    They will NOT make another Final Four. They will suck next year.

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