What are the actual comic book dimensions for all of the various comic ages?

I can find dimensions of bags/boards but am interested in the actual dimensions of comic books themselves from:

The Golden Age

The Atomic Age

The Silver Age

The Bronze age

The Modern Age

Any help would be appreciated.

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    "The Atomic Age" is not a commonly recognized comics era, it's really just a sub division of the Golden Age. The division between Golden and Silver Age is Showcase Comics #4 (first appearance of the second Flash) 1956. You're also missing the Platinum Age which refers to anything before Action Comics #1. Some more reading here


    Silver, Bronze and Modern comics are usually between 10 and 10 1/4 inches tall and about 6 3/4 inches wide. Prior to this there wasn't really a standard and sizes fluctuated between titles and publishers, but they were often larger than these dimensions. I pulled out two quick examples to measure for you: Tales from the Crypt #33 (1953) is 7 1/4 inches wide and 10 1/4 inches tall. My copy of National Comics #18 (1941) is over 7 1/2 inches wide and 10 1/4 inches tall.

    When it comes to purchasing bags and boards, it goes like this: A Modern comic bag will fit a modern comic book snuggly, meaning there's no room for the comic to move around. However, if that comic is just a little bit too big (either it's thicker because it's a special issue or maybe it was just printed an 1/8 of an inch too wide) then it won't fit. Silver Age comic bags are about 1/4 wider, which gives a comic room to move, but not really so much that it'll damage it. Myself and many other collectors use Silver Age bags for everything Silver Age and modern, because it's far too much of a pain in the butt to put everything into modern bags, but then grab a silver age bag every time a comic is just a little too big, which is extremely common.

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    Comic Book Dimensions

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    Nah, not really. Sorry, Darth. I do like some of them, though, but generally, I'm just not a comic book type of guy. Deadpool and the cousins from Bone are my favorites. Probably Bone. Most likely.

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    6 7/8"w x 10 1/4" h. These were taken from asm #40 cgc 8.0 unrestored (silver age) from my own collection.

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