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Who is the lucky one in the Katie Price/ Peter André split?

I think it is Peter André. Even though he is a completely talentless thick to$$er, no amount of money could be enough to stay with that ignorant, fake, patronising, annoying excuse of a woman. He should have kicked her into touch a long time ago.


He should get credit for taking on Harvey as his own too.

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    I think we are the UNLUCKIEST...

    We've got to put up with their drivel in the papers...

    For weeks to come.....

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    i like katie but i agree with u she treats him so bad all he wants to do is be a good husband and to have a good family life all she wants to do is work work work and make money be in all the headlines i feel sorry 4 the kids i dont think they hardly see their parents they are with nannys all the time i do feel 4 pete she acts like shes 21 and single not a married women with 3 kids he has put up with so much i guess he has just had it and who can blame him she needs to appreciate him!!!

  • Baps .
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    1 decade ago

    I agree, Peter is better off without her. She just seem like a very insecure woman who felt the need to put him down at every opportunity

  • emz
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you

    He is the better person out of the 2 for sure

    She is heartless and when was the last time you saw here doing anything family like with her children

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  • momof3
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    1 decade ago

    I think Peter will come out the better person myself Kaite reckons she has said nothing to anyone about the split as they had said it was on this morning but time will tell.

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    totally agree with you even though he is a bit of a plonker he could do better than katie price she is vile its about time she started to act her age and remember she has kids and start behaving with some dignity personally i think she is an over paid slapper

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    I agree with you. It must be terrible being married to somebody that bossy. I mean, she almost carried him around on a leash..

    I´d say him, and the rest of the world, although she´ll prob be back with making up of whatever soon.

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    I agree. I think he'll walk away from this with a bucketful of cash and his oilyness in tact. Good ol boy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well as peter has been offered a new record deal , I would say him, which is not bad for someone who cannot sing!!!!!!!

  • I totally agree with you - i don't like either of them but i guess he's better than that moronic bint.I dislike her immensely - he's well rid of her.

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    not a fan of him, but i reckon he behaves like more of a parent then her anyday , prob well rid of her, but whats going to happen to kids if left with her

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