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Best DPS class in WoW (currently)?

From what I gather, there's been some nerfs and buffs going around which has stirred some disagreements.

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ROGUE, HUNTER AND DK, what would be the best DPS class now?

I was really interested in making a feral druid but not so sure now.


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    Depends if your playing PVP or PVE and what sort of content your doing instances/heroics, Naxx10/25, Ulduar?

    For PVE my guild raid Ulduar 10/25 and the top 2 dps are nearly always enhancement shaman and retribution paladin. The 3rd spot is always different depending on luck, what fights were doing etc. It is usually between a mage, hunter, lock though for 3rd spot.

    A good place to look for some really detailed info is they have amazing breakdowns and simcrafts of all the best specs and with the 3.1.2 patch out today quite a lot has changed, again.

    If in doubt play what you enjoy to play and screw everyone else!

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    Based on some heroic raids I've been in on my 80 blood elf rogue the top 3 usually are Rogue, Hunter and dk but u said WITH THE EXCEPTION OF!!! well try feral druid + mage, they do pretty hardcore in heroics too.

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    It totally depends on the situation... are you talking heroics, 10 mans, naxx or uldar, single target or multi target?

    Feral DPS can be very good but it is probably the hardest dps to master.

    You should really pick the class based upon what style of play you like... do you want to be ranged or melee... do you like to

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    I'm not a fan of druids in general.. but feral druids can put out some pretty serious dps.

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    If you want to go Druid check this, I do some awesome DPS with my Mage, some Pallys give me problems though :-(

    Source(s): Alliance - 80 Warrior, 80 Mage and others, Guilds = The Azeroth Underground (leveling) and Unpure (new raid guild), Antondias Server
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    From what I an Tell Enhance Shammys are pretty deadly DPS

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    Boomkins and elemental/ enchancement shammy's both have good dps. I like both for dps myself.

    Source(s): lvl 80 restro shammy (will duel spec back to enchancement also),lvl 72 boomkin,lvl 74 bm hunter, lvl 69 blood dk, lvl 62 shadow priest and a lot of others :)
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    Hmm, I'm personaly partial to boomkins, although not many people seem to know how to use them...AND THEY TOOK MY WHACK-O-MANA

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    elemental shammies , and shadow priests...never underestimate them.

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    I am always top with my mage.

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