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Is Citi field becoming a more pitcher's park than Petco Park?

That outfield is unbelievably huge. It is like, there is no way anyone can hit a homerun there. Anyone with a decent speed can run down catch those hard-hit line-drives. What is up with 400 feet right field platform? It looks rediculous. That paltform will elimitate David Wright's opposite power. Yeah, there will be a lot of bloopers, but what the chance a team get bloopered to death anyway. The Mets should invest heavily on power pitchers next year, they can go all out without worrying been hit hard.

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    Citi field is totally a pitchers park, and that thing in right field was stupid to have been put there.

    When the season started, I thought we'd have another New Yankee Stadium on our hands. Jody Gerut, of all people, tanked the first pitch ever thrown at Citi into the stands. He's not exceptionally powerful, and it looked easy, but since then it's been well contained in there.

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    Citi Field is a pitchers park. It is virtually impossible to hit many home runs there. Although it may not give up many homeruns, it is a very good ball park for extra base hits because of all the room in the outfield.I have never been to Petco Park but I have been to Citi Field twice, and it is an intense pitchers park,

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    Well, citi field is very much like petco park in San Diego like you mentioned. It is very difficult to hit a homerun there but since the outfield is vast so it will give up alot of triples which is good for the mets that have good speed in their lineup. Hopefully the mets will win this year and not be a dissapoint ment to us like last year

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    Yes it is

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