Looking for good music. I want to find some bands that are kind of alternative/rock?

I want to find the bands that are like All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Valencia, Sing It Loud, Hit The Lights but not a lot of people know of yet. Thankssss SPECIFIC SONGS would be appreciated! :)


Thanks so much you guys!!!!!

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    Red Car Wire

    The Friday Night Boys

    Chances Are High

    My Favorite Highway

    A Rocket To The Moon

    The Bigger Lights

    The Downtown Fiction

    The Bigger Lights

    The Hit


    Hit the Lights


    The Dance Party

    Sparks The Rescue

    Thee Armada

    Something Above the Stars

    Under Spinning Lights

    The Alumni Club

    Through The Speakers

    Hand Me Down Buick


    Voodoo Blue

    The Excitement!

    A Loss For Words

    Ten Falls Forth

    Ice Nine Kills

    Family Force Five

    The Cab

    Mercy Mercedes

    The Follow Through

    Box Car Racer


    My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure

    Lions Lions


    Forever the Sickest Kids

    Floral Terrace



    Pathway to Providence

    The Sketch

    Mandy K

    The Get Up Kids

    Standard Of Living

    Valet Parking

    Teen Hearts

    The Boys After

    Sum 41


    Freshman 15

    Holiday Parade

    H is for Hero


    Somersault Sunday

    The Secret Handshake


    Call It A Night


    Better Than Toast

    Start Trouble

    Screeching Weasel

    Hanover Saints

    Far From Finished

    To Be Juliet's Secret


    Jamestown Story


    Beauty From A Blur

    Love It Or Leave It


    Fail To Remember

    Crash Rock Show


    Amy Pennell

    Letterbox Tragedy

    Elephant Appreciation Day

    Surprise Attack

    In Love And Out Done

    Kill Notes

    Terra Terra Terra


    Rescue the Hero

    After the Anthems

    Circus Circus

    Then Falls Caesar

    The Sneak Preview

    A Makeshift Miracle

    National Product

    With Honor

    Above This Fire

    Single File

    Time and Distance

    Karate High School

    This Providence

    No Bragging Rights

    The Medic Droid

    Tired Talk

    Heart, The Running

    Atlantic Escape

    Winter Ashes



    Oh, Hush!

    Sirens and Sailors


    A Smile From the Trenches

    Same As Sunday

    From Behind These Walls

  • Atreyu

    The Higher

    The Academy Is...

    Armor For Sleep

    Arctic Monkeys

    The Bloodhound Gang


    Bob Marley


    Cinematic Sunrise


    From Autumn to Ashes

    From First to Last

    Hot Hot Heat

    The Hush Sound


    Jack's Mannequin


    Panic! at the Disco

    The Beatles

    Taking Back Sunday

    The All-American Rejects

    The Almost

    The Pink Spiders

    The Starting Line

    The Used

    This Providence

    Family Force 5

    Scenes and Sirens

    Three 6 Mafia

    Asher Roth

    Kid Cudi

    Kottonmouth Kings

    Mystic Roots





  • I'm not sure if these are all like those you've listed and pretty much all of these are known by a lot of people but hey, give them a try anyway, you might end up liking them

    30 Seconds To Mars - Beautiful Lie, From Yesterday, The Kill, Attack

    The Academy Is... - Summer Hair = Forever Young

    Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me, In Vein

    The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell, Move Along, Swing Swing, Dirty Little Secret

    Angels & Airwaves - It Hurts, Everything's Magic, Secret Crowds

    Bowling For Soup - High School Never Ends, Ohio, When We Die

    Boys Like Girls - Thunder, The Great Escape

    Flyleaf - All Around Me, Fully Alive, Breathe Today, There For You, Sorrow, Red Sam

    Funeral For A Friend - Into Oblivion, Great Wide Open, Walk Away, Kicking & Screaming

    Hawthorne Heights - Rescue Me

    Lostprophets - Rooftops, Last Train Home, Burn Burn, A Town Called Hypocrisy, 4AM Forever

    Madina Lake - River People, Here I Stand, Never Take Us Alive, Me vs. The World

    Muse - Feeling Good, Knights of Cydonia, Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out

    Panic At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Nine In The Afternoon, That Green Gentleman

    Paramore - Emergency, Pressure, Brighter, Another Day, Just Like Me

    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Damn Regret, Angels Cry, Face Down

    Rise Against - Audience Of One, Prayer Of A Refugee, Reeducation Through Labour, Ready To Fall

    Shinedown - Second Chance, Sound Of Madness, Devour

    Simple Plan - Save You, Your Love Is A Lie, When I'm Gone, Crazy

    Taking Back Sunday - Make Damn Sure, Sink In To Me

    Weezer - Pork & Beans, Hashpipe, Beverly Hills, Troublemaker

    Youmeatsix - Gossip, Jealous Minds Think Alike, Finders Keepers, Save It For The Bedroom, If I Were In Your Shoes

    Source(s): iPod Ownage >:P
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    Cobra Starship - Guilty Pleasure

    Cute is What we Aim For - Curse Of Curves

    The Fall Of Troy - F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X

    Four Year Strong - Abandon Ship, Or Abandon All Hope

    The Getaway Plan - Where The City Meets The Sea

    Kids In Glass Houses - Historia

    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down

    All Over You - The Spill Canvas

    Ride Or Die - Take The Crown

    Make Damn Sure - Taking Back Sunday

    Title And Registrantion - Death Cab For Cutie

    I Dont Know About You, But I Came Here To Dance - Forever The Sickest Kids

    Thanks For Nothing - Sum41

    You might like these, these are the ones im not as sure about...

    Dont Stop - Innerpartysystem

    Framing Hanley - Built For Sin

    The Medic Droid - Saddle Up

    A Day To Remember - My Life For Hire

    3oh!3 - Dont Trust Me

    Breathe Carolina - No Vacancy

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's not really alt. rock.

    I would call it punk pop...

    Try these:

    Cobra Starship

    The Cab

    Every Avenue

    Cash Cash

    The Academy Is...

    Between the Trees

    Boys Like Girls


    Danger Radio

    Plain White T's

    The Click Five

    Cute is What We Aim For

    Echo Screen

    Forever the Sickest Kids

    The Friday Night Boys

    Hey Monday


    The Jakes

    The Fratellis

    The Pink Spiders

    Treaty of Paris

    The Maine

    Metro Station

    Motion City Soundtrack

    OK Go

    The Secret Handshake


    Select Start

    Simple Plan

    Vega Under Fire

    You Me and Everyone We Know


    The White Tie Affair

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    The killers are great =)

    also try some of their less famous songs, and I personally think their earlier songs were better than their latest day and age album songs.

    I suggest;

    Mr Brightside, It's a classic

    Somebody told me

    All these things I've done

    On top

    All the pretty faces

    midnight show

    change your mind


    There are so many more great songs by them, but I'm just gonig off the top of my head

    Also look for songs by coldplay and evermore

    I personally like

    It's too late


    Between the lines

    (by evermore)

    Source(s): I know a lot of people hate the killers or whatever but give em a chance, some of their songs are really good
  • rose
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    1 decade ago

    Nirvana - Come as you are, All apologies, Milk it, Scentless apprentice

    Red hot chilli peppers - Under the bridge, Californiacation

    The Killers - All these things i've done, Mr Brightside, Somebody told me

    Alice in chains - Them bones, Man in a box, black

    Radiohead - Creep, Paranoid android

    Oasis - Don't look back in anger, She's electric, Champagne supernova

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    Kill Hannah-Lips Like Morphine,Unwanted,(whole songs) :)

    Forever The Sickest Kids-She A Lady,

    Madina Lake-Pandora

  • 1 decade ago

    Armor for Sleep:

    Hold The Door, Very Invisible, Being Your Walls


    Runaway, I Will Follow, Honestly


    Blind, Broken, Where ever You Are

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Butterfly Effect, Hawthorne Heights, Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire

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