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有咩有關世界嘅遊戲介紹比我呀???? in camp sit

有咩有關世界嘅遊戲介紹比我呀???? in camp site

use check point...for about 50ppl~ 6-7teams:

give some hint to them take photossss???

or finish some task.....in each point...

somethings like that .........................

any idea????

plz help

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    Divide people into 7 groups and name them into 7 continents, namely North America, South America, Europe, Asia Antarctica, Australia, Africa.

    Say out each time a city or animal related to a particular continent. For example, London. Should any of other groups answer the correct continent( i.e. Europe), 1 mark will be given to that group.

    The group will be the winner with the highest score.

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