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You are a taiwanese boy/girl dating a foreigner living in taiwan. this foreign boy/girl speaks chinese, but his/her thinking and attitude are very western.

1.what differences do you think there would be between his/her attitudes and thinking yours?

2.what do you think you would need to do to make the relationship successful?

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    1. Western culture is very different then Eastern culture, for the Eastern culture family value is very important, and family are more connecting together then the Westerners.


    2. Many Western leave home/parents in a very younger age like 15 to 18 but many Eastern when age 15-18 most of them are still at home.


    3. Many Eastern Girl thinks man has to pay all the bill when they are dating but not the Westerner they like to go Dutch ( you pay by your own bill)


    4. In western dating with anyone is your own business no one can say anything from the family, but in Eastern culture family involve a lot, and cause many problems.


    5. In most western sex is part of the dating, don't think it is a big deal, some Eastern girl thinks having sex will lead to marriage, not for the western they don't think like that.


    If you like to date with Western you need to understand their culture and willing to respect it and learn it, each of us come from different family even we grow up in the same country we still have a lot of things are thinking in different way, the best way to improve the relationship with a western only "respect" and "accept" their culture.


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