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'Homeless Boy' is adapted from an autobiographical best-seller written by Tamura Hiroshi, a young, successful and prosperous Japanese comedian. It's not an epic—no heroes, no dragons, swords and magic; it's simply a story about a 14-year-old boy who faces unexpected poverty and about selfless love among siblings. "You all, take care of yourselves, dismissed!" says Hiroshi's single father, who then turns around and leaves with his old bicycle, leaving his three children behind. Their house has been seized by the authorities due to their father's bankruptcy.

Hiroshi, not wanting to cause any trouble to his older brother and sister, lies to them, saying he's going to live in a friend's house, but actually he has nowhere to go except a park nearby. He eats cardboard and weeds, drinks fountain water and rain, and fights with little kids to defend his 'home.'

As Hiroshi and his siblings try to make a better life for themselves, they cherish things that we consider 'deserved' and 'standard.' And because of their dire circumstances, the siblings become closer than ever before.

Twenty-two-year-old Japanese idol Koike Teppei plays the main character, fourteen-year-old Hiroshi. He looks and acts younger than his age and fully gets into character by actually eating cardboard and weeds. For his performance, he won the 2008 Japanese Oscar for the best new actor award.


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    '無家可歸男孩是一個自傳改編自暢銷書撰寫的田村浩,一個年輕,成功和繁榮的日本喜劇演員。這不是一部史詩,沒有英雄,沒有龍,劍和魔法,它只是一個故事,一個14歲的男孩誰面臨著意想不到的貧困和有關的兄弟姐妹之間的無私的愛。 “你們,照顧你們,開除! ”說宏的單一的父親,誰然後扭轉和葉片,他的老自行車,讓他的三個孩子後面。他們的房子已經被扣押,當局由於其父親的破產。



    有22歲的日本偶像小池Teppei扮演主角, 14歲的博。他年輕的外表和行為比他的年齡和性格完全進入了實際吃紙板和雜草。對於他的表現,他贏得了2008年日本奧斯卡最佳新演員獎。

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