Do souls and life after death exist?

Assuming I believe in a higher power and evoloution, I am a little conflicted about this life after death/soul thing.

First this soul thing.

Assuming we come from the same primordial pool, why do we have souls, but plants and dogs, cats, etc don't? The only disticition I can see between humans and everything else in the world (carbon atoms and water) is that we have a sense of self. This must be the root of this soul thing or maybe its the tip of the iceberg (i.e. an outward extension of the soul).

Ok, well how does this sense of self develop?

I think it's because we have a powerful brain. How did we get a powerful brain? I think it's because we just happened to be genetic flukes within evoloution, which actually helped us out (props to Darwin and the X-men). As such, when did this soul thing come about? Did the one guy who stood on his 2 feet one day and started to think, get the soul, but his father and sister who were on all fours- who had no sense of self - get the shaft. Seems a bit unfair, even if they were dumb bastards.

Question 2. Life after death

Perhaps Heaven is the bliss before you die. That's a bit of cop out though, I think something has to happen to the soul because there is just too much evidence out there that that ghosts/communication with the dead exist. Is this the soul?

Note all that Sci-fi different dimension stuff (10 dimension string theory) is a bit bogus in term of life after death. If it was true shouldn't there be dogs and stuff in the other dimension?

I guess my main point here is that i want to believe. I know no one has the answers, but I would have thought that someone could provide a bit more plausaible logic than I have. Also the 'faith' thing doesn't get me too far either. that's a bit of a cop out.

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    A lot depends upon the teaching about a soul. My path believes that a spirit, joined with a living body, defines a soul. That when the body dies, the soul dies with it. In that regard, there is nothing that says that animals (even plants) do not have souls. Their level of intelligence is different than ours, but that doesn't mean that they don't have souls of a lesser (or greater, if you view it that way) intelligence than ours.

    As to life after death, death is a separation between you and the person who has died. There are instances, called near death experiences, or NDEs, that suggest there is an existence where life goes on. Death is simply that thing that separates us from that existence and the life with it. And yes, there would be plants and animals in that other existence, as well.

    A lot of what you come to understand is theory (albeit, religious theory and dogma), and you (and I) are free to disagree with it, especially if there are things that suggest otherwise. It isn't the empirical nature of science, but a lot of it is the interpretation of life around us by theologians are hypothesizing their own theories.

    Interesting question.

    Edit Add: GMC's analogy is an interesting one and certainly a way to look at your question.

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    Absolutely engery just doesn't die, this is based on psysics, energy can not die... it cannot be destroyed... it only changes form. when a stick burns, ithe energy inside the stick doesn't just die... its converted into other forms... light, smoke... etc.... the matter and energy in the universe remains is absorbed then re-released at another frequency, or temperature at a lower level but in a larger area. It just spreads out till every thing equillabrates, in the imediate area. Then or course something else happens to set it all into motion, constantly, some times being a high enough frequency to start with it is absorbed by plants and re-emitted as a lower frequency and the plant keeps just enough to build some covalent bonds and produce sugar, it just keeps recycling forever?

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    all i can tell you is that each of us have a journey to take in THIS lifetime-and this world of people have different beliefs-and i believe there is life after death-wy-because of the God I serve. In the Holy Bible it talks about Jesus Christ who laid down his life for mankind-and the more I read and take in the more I believe---we all spend so much time trying to convert one another to believe something-when i'm taught just to let my light shine-which is live a life pleasing to God-by what the holy bible says-the holyspirit teaches.

    Source(s): first timothy 6th chapter & 12th verse as i said before we all believe different-and this is mine James first chapter 21, 22, & 23rd verse i would rather live my life serving God and believing in Jesus-and to die-and just be dead-than to live life otherwise and miss out on all that he has promised to me-Revelation 21rst chapter verses 4 & 5
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    Revelations 21.

    Source(s): Revelations 22.
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    No it does not. The brain is the hardware, the soul is the software. Without functioning software. It's that simple. When Jesus comes again He will raise the dead, give us new hardware and reboot the software. Sorry for the computer talk, but it makes a decent analogy.

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    we arent dogs or cats.God created us after everthing else in his image,he loved us.He also gave us free will if you dont want to believe because it doesnt make sense to you then dont.Faith is not a cop out,that is the test.

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    Life doesn't.

    Soul? What is that? If you mean some sort of spirit, some nature that governs our actions here, then yes, I would argue that the actions of our life cascade onwards long after the biological originator disappears.

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    Do u know what happens after death?

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    i think u know what kind of answers ur gonna get..athesist will disagree and the believers of god will follow god....soo if u beilev e in the science thing god for you but every one else has there own opinions

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    Christians will say yes, athiests will say NO. In fact I'm not so sure anymore cause I believe in christianity but then science has like stuff about evolution theories and I might be believing in them too now...

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