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Need some help putting a youtube video on my power point? Keynote? Help pls?

Does anybody know how to put a youtube video on a power point or on a keynote? Thanks ahead of time! :)

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    Just follow these steps, and you'll be able to show all your good videos on powerpoint presentation. Just 3 simple steps, and you can present your powerpoint with videos without online at all:

    1- download the youtube video with "zillatube". Get the program from This program helps to download and convert those videos the fastest way possible for your powerpoint. Other methods are slow.

    2- using zillatube, convert it into mpg video format.

    3- final step, a simple step, just insert movie file(using the file menu above the powerpoint program) the mpg video into power point.

    (Note: make sure the mpg video is placed in the same folder with your powerpoint file, then you can bring the folder to any computer and view it)

    all the best to your presentation.

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  • ras
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    when I did a undertaking for a class and that i wanted to put in a clip, what I had to finally end up doing replaced into which incorporate a hyperlink - basically click that interior the presentation (you will ought to go out it), and it will pass desirable to IE or Firefox or maybe if. It basically took an extra ten seconds out of our time which our team crammed via taking a question with reference to the textile we had basically long previous over. Sorry if that doesn't precisely answer your question, yet that replaced into what I did discover that labored for me while not having a stroke over it.

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