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is reebok football jerseys better then mitchell and ness?

is mitchell and ness jerseys 100% authentic

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    Mitchell and Ness usually specialize in making jerseys of retired players. They are just as good quality as the Reebok ones.

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    Reebok has the rights to make current NFL football jerseys. So if you want a football jersey of a player that's currently in the NFL the only one you'll find is a Reebok jersey.

    A Mitchell and Ness is a throwback jersey.

    A throwback jersey is a football jersey of a player that no longer plays and is considered to be a truly amazing player. Ex. John Elway and Bo Jackson.

    As to which one is better. They are both authentic and are of the same quality. IT's which your taste is for.

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    Mitchell and Ness Make much better jersey with both you can custom any player you want. All authentic material. remember when Puma made NFL jersey or Adidas, Champion, after the contract is over. companys will all bid for the right again

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