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What are 20 middle age cathedrals in Europe?

And not any from England


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    These are all from France;

    Agde (Cathedral of St. Étienne)

    Albi (Cathedral of Sainte-Cécile)

    Amiens (Cathedral of Notre-Dame)

    Angers (Castle: Cathedral of Saint-Maurice)

    Angoulême (Cathedral of Saint-Pierre)

    Autun (Cathedral of St. Lazare)

    Bayeux (Cathedral of Notre-Dame)

    Le Bec-Hellouin (Benedictine abbey of Notre-Dame- ruins with masons' marks)

    Béziers (Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire)

    Bourg-Charente (Priory of Saint-Jean)

    Bourges (Cathedral of Saint-Étienne)

    Cahors (Cathedral of Saint-Étienne)

    Chadenac (Church of Saint-Martin)


    Cathedral of Saint-Étienne & Parish and pilgrimage church of Notre-Dame-en-Vaux

    Chartres (Cathedral of Notre-Dame)

    Clermont-Ferrand (Cathedral of Notre-Dame)

    Coutances (Cathedral of Notre-Dame)

    Dol (Cathedral of Saint-Samson)

    Elne (Cathedral of Sainte-Eulalie)

    Narbonne (Cathedral of Saint Just)

    Notre-Dame-de-L'Épine (Church of Notre Dame)

    Noyon (Cathedral of Notre Dame)

    Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

    Check out this site, it has TONS more with awesome pics.

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