Can I make it into top schools like Columbia or Brown with these credentials?

Hey! I'm a Junior at Bellaire High School (Houston, TX) and wanted to know my chances for getting into the Ivy Leagues and other top schools. Since I won the top award (Young Scientist Award) at the Intel International Science Fair, everyone has been saying I will have no problem getting into any school I want, but I don't know if I should believe them...I'm not usually confident about these things. :P goes

Overall, I make all A's, mostly A+'s. (particularly freshman/sophomore years) However, this year I worked a lot on an extensive science fair project, and I have received 2 B's. These are my only B's, however, and I go to a highly competitive high school (top 100 Newsweek) and am still in the top 5% of my class. As a result of my science fair project, I won the Grand Award, the Young Scientist Award, ($50,000, chance to be on Jay Leno, etc.) at the Intel International Science Fair, the largest pre-college science competition in the world.

In addition, I won 1st place/1st Grand Category at the Intel ISEF, 2nd at another international science competition (ISWEEEP) , 1st in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize contest (largest environmental competition in the world), 1st/Grand Award at district, regional, and state fair competitions, and about 12 other special awards, such as the Environmental Protection Agency's Sustainability Award. I won numerous other awards associated with my project, but these are the main ones.

Other credentials-

-officer in National Honor Society

-~200-300 volunteer hours

-Vice President of the Science Fair Club

-2nd place in an international art competition, Sister Cities Int'l

-took AP (Advanced) Art for 4 years in addition to outside art classes and plan to prepare a portfolio

-staff writer on my newspaper, was accepted to an Editor Position

-Journalism award at ILPC (Journalism forum)

-officer of Chinese Honor Society

-took Public Forum Debate for 2 years

-science internship in Prague, Czech Republic

-accepted and participated in science academy in San Antonio

-this summer I won trips associated with my project for any "foreign travel" sections of resumes (im unfamiliar with college apps as a jr.) to Sweden, London, Czech Rep, Switzerland, Tunisia, and Alaska. For all these trips im either competing or participating in a science program

-competed in science fair all years of school, in high school I received 1st or 2nd place at all levels up to state until this year (jr yr) when I won at the International level


I took all Advanced (usually AP or IB) classes, and took the most classes possible (8)

I am one year ahead in math/science

All A's and 2 B's (in my calculus class)

Classes this year-

AP Biology

AP English

PAP Pre-Calculus

AP US History

Journalism (Newspaper)

AP Art 3- Painting

IB Chinese 3

Honors Debate 2

Continuations in High School- Art (4 yrs), Debate (2 yrs), Newspaper (2 yrs), Science fair (4 yrs), Mandarin Chinese language (4 yrs)

These are mostly summaries; I have other awards but these are the most important! Thank you so much!

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    Wow, first I want to say that you should be very proud of your self for all of those achievements. Also any school should be more than happy to have you to represent them. Hope you get into the school you want. (I think you will)

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    wow SHUT UP im jealous :D

    i think you're pretty much guaranteed to get in. seriously you are.

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