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Do you like fish?????????????????????????????????????????

whats your favorite fish name


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    alright, i like naming my fish the most random names ever, that is why my fish are names

    darien eldawhoar (angel fish)

    rock lobster (cory cat)

    hoover (algae eater)

    officer black (algea eater)

    pate (betta)

    alison (not sure)

    betty-jean (not sure, they are both small fish)

    swimmey (guppy)

    Minda (molly)

    Jimmy (albino fresh water shark)

    j-fres (not sure either, they are ligt blue with red on the head)

    and squirt (same as j-fres)

    all in a 20 gallon tank

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    I like fish

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    I have three fish... two sword tailed fish I named Spencer and Oscar and a third is a Ghost Black Knife Fish that is yet to be named... :]

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    Yes and no I mean I would like to look at them but I would not want one a a pet

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    I like fish.

    My favorite and it's name would be Tenacious my Tiger Barb.

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    I name all my fish after alcohol and drugs just to throw people off when i talked about them

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    I have a yellow lab cichlid that I named Mitt, after Mitt Romney.

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    I had a Beta named Oink.

    My best friend had a Beta named Moo.

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    My Betta's name is Fishy II because Fishy, my *coughGOLDFISH FROM A SCHOOL CARNIVALcough* died. i got a betta. awesome. im ten yrs old k? no prob. my moms ok. k. bye.

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