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Lauren asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

How can I feel comfortable letting my Yorkie walk around the house?

He is a grown dog, 4 years old, but my family never lets him walk around the house alone b/c we are afraid that either he will pee or eat something and die. He is pretty housetrained; he mostly knows that it is better to pee and poop outside. However, I think he is very curious and might eat some junk, little things on the floor. How can I feel comfortable letting him walk around alone? Thanks.


i dont care if he eats food....but theres stuff like dust bunnies under my bed and he just went under there and is eating one. ew.

Update 2:

and btw, its mostly my parents. when they arent home, i let him walk around in my room.

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    Leash your dog to you for the time being. You can attach him to a long leash after he goes outside to potty. Your floors should be vacuumed and cleaned so your dog cannot pick up anything and chew on it or choke. Time to dog proof the house!

    Good luck

  • Seriously? Wow.... That's actually quite funny. I usually let my dogs in when there's stuff all over the floor. We have a 3 year old that likes to get crackers and cookies and popcorn and frenchfries and anything else he can get his hands on, and he always gets it on the floor. Instead of breaking out the vacuum and wasting the food we just let our Rotti and Neo run through the house and anything edible is off the floor in less than 5 minutes. Does this mean you've kept your poor dog locked in a room it's whole life? Thats cruel. How would you like it if someone did that to you?

  • Hi!
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    wow really

    ok serioulsy dogs are there to eat the crumbs off the floor. unless there is a hunk of chocolate or onion or some cleaner spilled on the ground...he wont die!!!

    you need to let him run around the house to get to know it..there might be accidents because yall never let him before. seriously he will be a happier dog if you let him walk around for once in his poor life! thats like dog abuse right there!

    just keep an eye out for pee, i doubt he will though.

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    Keep junk and little things off the floor. :o)

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