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What is the best foundation/powder for a really matt look?

I have combination skin, and other foundations leave me looking shiny after a couple of hours!!


I actually use studio fix, but I think maybe I am not using it right!?! looks matt when it goes on, and then shines after not long at all

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    I am in love with this foundation, it's a powder but covers like a foundation, it's your foundation and finishing powder in one.

    This brush is excellent for applying it

    You can use this product under any foundation, it keeps the oils in your skin from coming up from under the make up and making your face shiny. Plus it has an SPF 20.

    Or if you are looking for just a tint but want that matte look this would be great for you.

    I have to use mineral make up because everything else makes my face break out especially covergirl but I don't like the drug store mineral make up. That's why I started selling avon. I love their products and stand by them. If you are interested in ordering anything you can order from and it will ship to you in just days!

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    I have tried at least 10 foundations in the past and haven't found one as good as the one I am using now. I too also have combination skin I finished my old foundation and was looking for a really good one. Flicking through reviews on the internet, lily lolo had got great ratings 9/10!! It is a mineral foundation and is supposed to be used with a Kabuki brush for best coverage. However you can only buy it on the internet and because of this, you can buy samples to try and find the right colour for you (99p each) before buying the full sized version(about £7.00 i think) and wasting your money because you got the wrong colour. I tried 2 samples, one too light and one too dark but ended up mixing them together to get the perfect match for my skin tone. All my friends have noticed how much better my skin looks now even some of the boys ;) Another good thing about this is that you seriously cannot even tell your wearing foundation!! All in all this is the best foundation I have ever used and would recommend too anyone with any skin type!

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    Studio Fix powder is an excellent option for oily skin, however on skin that is quite oily it is still necessary to touch up. Try using a combination of oil blotting sheets (Clean & Clear ones are great & budget-friendly) as well as MAC Blot powder to touch up. The blotting sheets reduce the need to add any more product to your face, while the Blot powder is excellent at abosrbing oil without leaving any trace of colour or cakiness.

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    Mac's Studio Fix

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    I have used Dinair Airbrush Makeup for 2 years now and never been happier with makeup!!! It makes my skin look flawless and it stays on all day. it gives a great matte look. i would highly recommend at least looking at the site...if u go to google and type in Dinair you'll find it...hope this helps..=)

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    she does the best matte look.

    Youtube thumbnail

    try it okay?

    hope this helps.


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