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So i have a question about law school.?

I'm getting married in august to the man of my dreams! we grew up next to each other our whole lives. He is the most important person in the world to me. He finishes his bachelors degree in about a year and a half and then he want to go to law school.

Utah has an amazing law program. (BYU) but it's incredibly competitive. They take very very few students. So he's worried he wont get in there.

So my question is- I told him that after we both finished our bachelors I wanted to move away from this area. (California, utah, nevada, arizona). and go somewhere different for a few years. We are used to the desert so i wanna go somewhere in the southeast maybe. Doesn't really matter- just anywhere far away from where we are for a change.

What are some really reputable law schools that are away from these areas I mentioned. Just so if the BYU thing doesn't work out- i can suggest some of these schools instead...

Thanks for your help!

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  • xo379
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    1 decade ago
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    Okay, so the average LSAT score for BYU (for those accepted) is a 164 and the median GPA is a 3.63. The acceptance rate in 2008 28.6%. So if you want some places that are similar or easier in terms of getting in, here are some schools:

    William and Mary (27.1 acceptance rate...really beautiful too)

    U Alabama (29.2%)

    U Houston (29.3%)

    U Wisconsin Madison (29.5%)

    Brooklyn (29.4%)

    Baylor (30.4%)

    U Richmond (34.7%) (really nice place to relocate)

    Wake Forest (35.4%) (also realaly nice)

    Tulane (35.6%)

  • 1 decade ago

    My alma mater, the University of Houston, has a really good law school. Nearby, South Texas College of Law is famous for it's advocacy program. And very near them both, Texas Southern University is not very competitive, yet it is a reputable school. All are Houston schools. Far from Utah.

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