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tall ships: what do you know?

i am suppossed to be taking part in a tall ship race around the atlantic in the summer, its not something i've done before and i was wondering if anyone else has, and if they could tell me anything about it.

thanks in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Atlantic Challenge 2009 Tall Ships Race began on May 3rd. The vessels will race until August 16th through seven race legs. They began the race in Spain's busiest fishing port, Vigo. Then to Tenerife, Bermuda, Charleston, SC, visiting numerous ports on the east coast on the way to Boston. Then around July 16 it is a race to Halifax, NS. The final race leg will begin after the parade of sail on Monday July 20th. It's 2,350 nautical miles eastbound across the mighty North Atlantic to the final port of Belfast, Northern Ireland (13 - 16 August.).

    Catch up on the 53 year history of this annual event and how the end of the Great Age of Sail really marked the beginning of these incredible tall ships festivals.

    Good Luck - Boat Safe!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Take plenty of sunblock and dramamine.

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