Is there a good substitute for fried or scrambled eggs other than tofu?

My kids are intolerant to eggs, but I would like to give them something more filling for breakfast than boxed cereal, and have more variety than oatmeal or yogurt. I don't think my husband would ever buy tofu. (Yes he does the grocery shopping)

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    Sausage biscuits or tortillas stuffed with vegies,ham and cheese ( kind of a breakfast quesadilla ).

    If the kids can eat eggs in a recipe then make your own waffles or pancakes served with fruit.

  • Not really. You should ask your husband to buy tofu for your children (a little guilt trip here) so you can give them a substantial breakfast. Get the water-packed Chinese-style tofu, not the silken tofu in the aseptic box. If he won't, maybe you can make a shopping trip yourself or go with him and get it. And check my profile for tofu tips so you don't have mushy tofu.

    Also check out Amy's Kitchen products. They use no flesh foods and no eggs, so they're great for folks with egg allergies.

    And if there's a Whole Foods near you, get some Ener-G Egg Replacer, which is a powdered mix of starches and leavening and is good for eggless baking.

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    You'd be pleasantly surprised how similiar scrambled, crumbled tofu tastes to scrambled eggs. Ask your husband to pick up some FIRM or MEDIUM tofu in the refridgerated section of the produce aisle. The water-packed tofu will indicate on the package whether is soft, medium, or firm. And as someone mentioned, steer clear of the boxed silken tofu that is sold at room temperature. Silken tofu is too soft and silky to make scrambled tofu. You can season scrambled tofu with turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper to name a few ideas.

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    Well your husband needs to pick up some tofu!

    You can make them pancakes its feeling but not healthy.

    Or you can make them some baked bananas:]]

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    Try special k it supposedly good for you. Quaker oatmeal bars taste good even better with chocolate chips.

    Tofu is bad for you since they have been increasingly using soy protein as a replacement for meat and whatnot diabetes has been on the rise. I don't see why people become vegan or vegitarian you are killing plants and micro-organisms so what is the difference just give and eat real meat.

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    They do have egg substitutes in cartons, like little milk cartons, in the dairy section of the store.

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