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DannyB asked in TravelAustraliaAdelaide · 1 decade ago

Anything to do around Adelaide?!?

I'm going off on a trip around australia and new zealand in July and was looking for ideas of things to do anywhere really not just adelaide! I'm a 21 year old guy, what do you recommend?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Adelaide’s a great city with plenty to do and see, though it will be winter time in Australia so beach activities will be less attractive, though a visit to the beach is still worthwhile, esp. on a sunny day, and if you’re coming from overseas you’ll find that the Australian winters are pretty mild . In Adelaide the Entertainment & arts are plentiful, great inexpensive food, café’s, ease of accessibility which is a bonus to getaway to locations like the many small towns / villages in the surrounding nearby hills, the nation’s best wine regions and the beaches (Adelaide’s metropolitan area has over 30KM’s of beaches, with wide beaches with calm waters in the far Northern costal historical suburbs, to the beautiful cliff lined beaches in the Southern suburbs, that have their own family and surf culture, with cosmopolitan Glenelg beach lying somewhere in the middle, which boasts countless, bars, restaurants, hotels (of international standards) and a marina), which makes the city pretty special.

    Some of the things you can do in Adelaide include: taking a stroll down Rundle Mall (one of Australia’s best shopping precincts) , so many shops and arcades, then follow it through to Rundle street which is a buzz full of café’s & restaurants, it finally ends up in the peaceful East Parklands.

    Take a walk down North Terrace, it’s is one of Australia’s finest cultural boulevards, which is lined with historic grand buildings as well as: (Adelaide Festival theatre, War memorial, Parliament house, Government House, State Library, Bradman Museum, Adelaide Museum, Adelaide Art Gallery, Adelaide University, Botanic Gardens, National wine Museum; to name a few)

    The Botanic gardens are beautiful, and you can visit the National wine museum as well, which is at the Southeast corner of these gardens.

    Head down to the Central Markets & China Town district in the down town area (Jump on a down town tram (free) from Rundle mall, only 2 stops away), so many restaurants, gourmet food stalls, an incredible gastronomic & cultural experience!

    If you have a car, a drive thorough the beautiful adjacent Adelaide hills is a must, full of historic villages, pubs restaurants, cafes etc. Stop off at historic Handorf a town in the Hills, you can spend hours there alone.

    Catch a tram to Glenelg, go to the beach check out the boats at the marina, shops, restaurants, Bars, café’s etc.

    Port Adelaide and it's Maritime museum are always interesting, then a walk down the main street of nearby Semaphore and it’s jetty.

    Go to Cleland wildlife park and hug a koala, then head up the Mt Lofty Summit after, and check out the awesome views across Adelaide and out to the sea.

    Take a day trip to Victor Harbour, go over to adjacent Granite Island (you can walk across), check out the awesome scenery and the ocean views, if your there (Granite Island) in the evening you’ll see penguins as well.

    Check out the links below and have a great time in Adelaide!

    (as you can see Adelaide if far from boring, though I think those comments are more of a reflection of their own boring personalities, they have probably never visited Adelaide in their life! lol )

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Adelaide is great but all the best places are generally kept quiet, so if you can, get friendly with some locals. there are some great pubs in town like the Crown & Anchor (Cranker) or Grace Emily, or the Gov Hindmarsh on port rd, or if you prefer clubs i would suggest Rise. assuming all these places are still open since I haven't lived in Adelaide for years. there are also some good pubs around Glenelg and Henley, and if the weathers good check out the beaches. you could also take a trip around the hills or barossa if you are into wine tasting or a bit a foodie, great local produce.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with the first answer adelaides pretty boring

    Come to brisbane way better shopping, Queen street mall 10000000x as better as adelaide so called "shopping district"

    Go to the Valley some of the best clubs and restaurants in Australia, South banks great and Moreton islands beautiful.

    Go to China town theres alot of cheap stuff

    and Climb the Story Bridge

    Alot More to Do as well

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  • vela
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    i'm from adelaide and that i'm 15 :) pass to the fewer than 18 issues that golf equipment have like HQ, cloud 9, playground, gatecrash i pass to those and their rather solid :) i think of theres one arising those trip journeys..they have myspaces for them so seem on there Hopeeeee I helped :) xx

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi well sorry adelaide is pretty boring!

    im in melbourne heaps to do here!

    check out a game of footy at the mcg (aussie rules, not rugby)

    chapel street has the best resteurants cafes etc all the young ones go clubbing there! st kilda is pretty cool too! depends what your into im also 21! have fun!

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