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Is there a problem this week with US Postal Service?

Hello, I live in Europe and I have to receive an important package from a university. They say that it is normal because US Postal Service (or in the united states) in general, there are this week problems ? My package was send via regular mail on May 4th and we are now May 19th and still nothing. Do you think it may be due to a particular event in the US? I tried to look on newspapers but I couldn't find a reason.

thanks for helping me ! ;-)

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    Actually this is within normal processing times so far.

    If they sent it Priority Mail (via plane), then it should get here any day now. Packages usually take 2 weeks to get to me.

    However, if they opted for the cheapest delivery method, First Class, it can easily take up to 4 weeks. The package might also be held up in customs for a few days.

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