Japanese Animation/Anime vs. American Animation, which do you like more and why?

Question is simple: What do you prefer, Anime or Cartoons (Or American Animation in general), and why?

If you can, please try to include a comparison like commenting on animation, storylines, art style or whatever you think necessary that one form of animation offers and the other doesn't.

Notice that the question includes ALL forms of both Japanese Animation and American Animation, both 2D and 3D.

Also, bear in mind that American animation doesn't stop at Powerpuff Girls, but also includes Samurai Jack, Batman TAS, and epics from Disney such as The Lion King.

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    I'm right in the middle of this one. I think ALL forms of cartooning is a part of it's creator. When you watch any cartoon, you can just see a personality. In such a way it seems that all cartoons (no matter what the nationality) are practically the same. Sure the animation is different, but cartoons shouldn't be solely based on artwork. I do agree that anime has been made for an immense amount of genres while American cartoons are usually just for kids or they are heavily political if otherwise. I know that Japanese cartoons are political too, but at least there's something for everyone.

    The storylines are of different styles. American cartoons (kid based) are more goofy and characterized. Japanese children cartoons have more of a human base (realistic style). Personally, I love to study both sides because it's fun to see why they (the animators) chose such styles.

    American cartoons are more creative in art style with the type of charicatures. I mean even Osamu Tezuka started getting his ideas of art strategy from Walt Disney's own style. You can see it in Astro Boy and Metropolis mostly. Alot of manga artists then followed Tezuka in that style (back before the 80's) thus creating a culture bridge through style of animation. Then America aired it's first Japanese cartoon in the mid 60's, creating yet another culture bridge. I understand that the story was severly edited and the voice acting was different, but think of the American culture back then.

    I grew up with both too. So that's one of the main factors why I'm pretty much impartial to either side.

    Okay, the final paragraph: People shouldn't just shun a country for it's style of cartooning. That prevents cultural bridges from forming and ultimately, disrespect for one's own country in whole. I see it when I go to anime conventions V.v Same with American Comics Vs Japanese comics. They are both great and bad in their own way. Everything is built up with components.

    I think that's about it for me.

    nya bya

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    American Animation

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    I've grown up watching both and I like em both equally.

    I do enjoy Japanese anime more when it comes to storylines. Most American cartoons are made specifically for dumb children so it is hard to find one that has a good story. Most anime are more mature and also have different types of stories from American shows. They range from action, romance, sci-fi, mecha, fantasy, slice of life, school life, drama, cooking, music, action, adventure, sports, martial arts, and psychological, etc,....

    When it comes to the animation, I like American better. Japanese anime is very well drawn, but not well animated. The characters are often too still, while american animation will have the characters moving and have some body language when they talk. But I do appreciate that anime keeps the lips only up and down, keeps the lip syncing from looking awkward when they get dubbed. But nothing can compare to the animation quality of the classic disney films, ahh so beautiful ^_^

    But really it's hard to compare such different things. Even if something is less realistic or whatever it can still be a good and fun thing to watch.

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    I grew up watching the classics, such as "Tom and Jerry" or any of the disney movies for that matter, but when I was 13 I started getting into anime and I really do think it's so much more complex and detailed then American cartoons.

    Then again, you have to think about what age group this question pertains to. Anime, like I said, has a lot more complexity to it, and the plot lines, have so many different and amazing twists to them. It takes a lot of understanding to keep up with them, but that's why anime is so amazing! However, if you were asking a small child, they most likely wouldn't understand every single thing that was happening, as they would in something as simple as Lion King.

    Though either way I do appreciate the endless amount of effort and time that goes into the Truly phenomenal art work the Japanese created. It's a different type of style, and it's quite unbelievable what they've managed to create with it.

    All in all I prefer anime over american cartoons ;) but I'm 16 so, what can I say?

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    Japanese Animation/Anime vs. American Animation, which do you like more and why?

    Question is simple: What do you prefer, Anime or Cartoons (Or American Animation in general), and why?

    If you can, please try to include a comparison like commenting on animation, storylines, art style or whatever you think necessary that one form of animation offers and the other...

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    I like American animation

    now let me explain why, i like some Japanese stuff but i don't really care for it, and the reason being is the cultural difference between America and Japan, because im an American and have lived in american my whole life Japanese animation has a lot of cultural differences im not used to and don't understand, so because of this t enjoy American animation much more because i can easily connect to it because it is more closely connected to my culture and way of life, not to say i don't like Japanese animation there are many Anime's and movies i enjoy a lot. And just something I have to defend, not to bash people or anything it’s just I have noticed a lot of answers have been saying that American animation is not well animated and to marketed trod kids and lowbrow humor, I just want to say that American animated doesn’t end at kids cartoons, look at stuff like The Secret of Nimh, GI Joe Resolute, TMNT, Batman the Animated series, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wizards, Cool World, Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Hellboy animated, All where extremely well made and written and where not just your run of the mill kids shows, I just want to say there are other forms of American animation aside from Cartoon Network.

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    I don't want to totally put down American animation because I like the Batman TAS, and Star Wars the Clone Wars series.

    But for a larger diversity of stories I've got to go with Japanese animation. It's more than just about the animation technique and style, it's often the plots and themes in Japanimation that just has a seemingly edgier story to it. I mean after all how many American animators get a nickname like "Kill'em All Tomino" the creator of Gundam.

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    It's mostly subjective now. I prefer anime due to the more engaging characters and storyline. I also prefer the art style...but that's just me. If you're talking about the cartoon series some good ones are Avatar and Megas XLR (because of the mecha). Samurai Jack is fine. Obviously Disney has created numerous masterpieces. My favorites are The Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Lion King. I think the only thing that sucks about anime is the animation itself. Just look at the mouths of anime characters. they will mot likely just be flapping while cartoon characters mouths actually change in shape while they speak.

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    I grew up watching American cartoons, but as I've grown older, Japanese anime is the only cartoon besides South Park that I truly enjoy. The storylines for Japanese cartoons are much more engaging and the creativity is awesome. I feel that they really draw on human emotions when they develop their characters, such as Naruto, story of a neglected child who is hated by everyone for something he isn't responsible for, yet he finds the courage to better himself and eventually finds his own way when he makes friends with his classmates and teachers....so on and so on. Naruto is my favorite hands down. The action in Japanese anime also is much crazier.

    The main thing I don't like about Japanese anime is that the humor is really off sometimes, but that has a lot to do with Japanese culture and their quirkiness which is just a cultural thing so I don't hold that against them TOO much.

    Aside from Naruto, my other favorite animes are Bleach and Rurouni Kenshin.

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    I like both but if i had to choose I would choose Japanese anime over American animation, this is because I find more plot and more genres for teens and adults, most american animation is targeted to children.

    Also I think the animation is way better then many American cartoons.

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