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What Are Ryanair Planes Like? And Help About Fear .?

I'm going to Tenerife (Fanabe) On Saturday , There cheach flights but I don't know much about the planes. Are they comfy , do they look nice inside? I am asking this because I have a HUGE fear of planes and up to now I have never been able to fly , Please tell me what it's like , Is it scary and some tips . Also I am not sure which side of the plane to sit at. ??

Please Help Me , I'm Going Soon! :( .

Thanks, Ellie,

XxxX <3

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    Ryanair has a good safety record, so you will be alright. If you are scared of flying and of heights I would recommend that you do not sit near a window; but I always love viewing the scenery, its beautiful. I also recommend that you bring some snacks to munch on during the flight, if possible. The interior of Ryanair is very nice, their fleet consists of many new Boeing 737s, you should be set out to be on a clean comfy ride. Try not to think of the 'what ifs' during the flight, just take out the emergency card in the seat in front of you so that you are aware of the safety procedures, and afterwards maybe you can read the inflight magazine and munch on something like I said. If you are traveling with family or friends, or even if not, start a conversation with your neighbor. It will kill some time. Another great idea, one of my personal favorites, is to sleep! I have been flying on planes since the day I was born, so I never had the fear, but the best advice I can give you is to fly more regularly. The more you fly, the less the fear; its almost like when people say "practice makes best!". Well, I hope you have a wonderful experience, flying is great!

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    They're good planes. From what I hear the Airline is a joke though. The 737 is an amazing plane. Another tip just to make you feel safer, try to get a seat closest to the wings or the tail if you can. Not that it's going to make a difference, but in case of something happening, it's usually a good place to be.

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    i'm getting somewhat aggravating for the period of take off and touchdown. many times I in basic terms carry my honey's hand and close my eyes and lean against his shoulder. Or I in basic terms tell myself that I even have placed myself interior the pilot's care alongside with all the different persons on the airplane and there is no longer something i will do approximately in spite of happens in the process the flight so I in basic terms relax and attempt to no longer situation. now and returned I say a speedy prayer. yet i've got flown plenty and my little bit of outrage does not supply up me. in basic terms think of roughly why you're flying - you're approximately to bypass on a relaxing trip. Do some thing to distract your self like communicate, or pay attention to track, watch a action picture or examine. The time will bypass via speedy and quickly you would be there!

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    ellie, do youreself a big favour. stay clear of ryanair. this tinpot airline has no customer services, doesnt give 2 hoots for their passengers, rude and unhelpful staff and a **** of a boss, i am disabled and u have no idea what they put me and other older passengers thru.chances of crashing is very high cos they race about too quick thinking about profits rather than lives. if u want to die one day IN AN AIRCRAFT, THEN FLY RYANAIR, THE TINPOT AIRLINE RUN BY A ****.

    I am writing this because of the very bad way i was treated and older disabled passengers on their little toy lepricorn airline.after umpteen calls, emails and letters all was ignored. beleive me, when a no frills airliner crashes,IT WILL BE RYANAIR.


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    Ryan air flies Boeing 737's. Good aircraft with a terrific safety record.

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    Ryanair is cheap

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