I'm making a New Orleans-inspired meal for 60...?

and I am having a little trouble deciding on the dishes. I know I'm serving seafood gumbo and some hot French bread, but does anyone know of some other traditional desserts or sides I could make to go with it? I would prefer that it be something either not too difficult or something I can make ahead of time, since the gumbo is kind of labor intensive. Thank you in advance for any ideas yall might have!

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    If you are looking for easy you need to check into getting some Zatarain's http://www.zatarains.com/ It's sort of the rice a roni for Louisiana. Everyone at one time or another has gotten a box of dirty rice, red beans, or jambalaya mix from them to save time. If you have Blue Runner brand kidney beans in the can you can also use this to cut corners.

    A few basics: you need to use the Holy Trinity of Louisiana cooking (onion, green bell pepper, and celery) to season your food, it goes in everything, the red beans, the jambalaya, etc. chop it up and cook it down for about five min. in some oil, butter, shortening, bacon fat, etc. If you are going low fat, you are doing it wrong. If it is New Orleans/Creole cooking, it has a sauce on it. (Technically, gumbo is Cajun.)

    Offer a shrimp cocktail salad, (a bag of salad, some boiled shrimp, and cocktail sauce, (if you mix horseradish sauce with catchup and a little lemon it's so much better than what you'll get in the store), your gumbo, set out some roast beef and gravy with the french bread and your guests could make their own po-boys buffet style, (don't forget the lettuce, pickle, and tomato). Get that Zataran's jambalaya, add the Trinity, salt and pepper, some sausage, and shrimp and it will make a good side dish. If you are brave, (I understand people are scared of okra), you can make a stewed okra, (frozen cut okra, sausage, and some canned crushed or chopped tomato with the trinity, salt and pepper) for a veggie.

    A bread pudding with rum sauce is very traditional and easy to make, (use the white raisins; they cook up better). Pralines the old fashioned way are a bit fussy, but there are easy microwave recipes, http://www.cooks.com/rec/search/0,1-0,microwave_pr... that you may feel up to doing. There are other traditional sweets such as beignets or Bananas Foster (http://www.brennansneworleans.com/r_bananasfoster.... but the beignets won't be any good once they get cold and the Bananas Foster just isn't practical for one cook to serve to 60 people.

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    You could make a dirty rice. That is really tasty and its not too difficult to make it for several people. Or you could try making okra and tomatoes. That may be a better option since you will be having rice with the gumbo.

    If you go to foodnetwork.com and put in the names of the dishes you'll find the recipes.

    For dessert, you should try making a bread pudding, sweet potato pie or a pecan pie. Bananas foster is also nice but you cannot make that ahead of time. The bread pudding is really really good (Emeril has a great one on the website).You can easily make the desserts ahead of time and then just do a quick reheat and add ice cream of something

    Good luck!!

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    BBQ Shrimp - River Road seasonings and fresh 10 count shrimp with the shells on. Bake in the oven for 20 or so minutes and it is perfectly delicious.

    Or, Shrimp Remoulade which is just chilled shrimp with remoulade sauce on it (looks like spicy thousand island dressing). To have one hot dish and one cold dish is what I would do. And nothing could be easier than boiling shrimp and putting it in a bowl with some remoulade sauce.

    For desert - easiest thing might be bread pudding, make sure that your mixture is nice and wet before you bake it in the oven. To be fancy do a little drizzle of bourbon sauce on top. Foodtv.com has some good recipes.

    Source(s): I live, work and eat in the French Quarter every day.
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    Take a look at some of the famous New Orleans Restaurant's menus listed on their websites for some ideas.



    And, take a look at www.neworleansrestaurants.com for a really nice list...and there is also a listing for "N-awlins Recipes" as well that you find handy.

    Sounds like a great meal and a fun time!

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    Potato Salad goes with gumbo...try that as a side dish. It's easy to make and can be made well in advance and kept refrigerated.

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    Red beans. Dessert make bread pudding.

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    red beans and rice

    for dessert King cake or Pralines

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