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Ramadan: Are followers of a cursed person cursed too?

Quran 3:61] If any one disputes in this matter with thee, now after (full) knowledge Hath come to thee, say: "Come! let us gather together,- our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves: Then let us earnestly pray, and invoke the curse of Allah on those who lie!"

"When news reached Abu Bakr that the people had gathered in the house of 'Ali and were refusing to give bayya, he sent Hadhrath Umar in their direction. Umar called out to Akraan who was in the house of 'Ali, but he refused to come out. Umar then said:

'I swear by He who controls the life of Umar, if you people do not come out of the house I shall set fire to it, and everyone inside shall perish. The people said 'Abu'l Hafs (Umar), Fatima (daughter of Rasulullah (s)) is also in this house'. Umar replied, 'I do not care about this, people should leave the house of 'Ali and give bayya'. 'Ali replied I have sworn that I shall not set foot outside my home until I have completed compiling the Qur'an.'

Sayyida Fatima arrived at the door and said:

'I have no association with those individuals that acted in such a manner as to abandon the funeral of Rasulullah (s) (ie Abu Bakr, Umar and co), and on this matter (leadership) they decided themselves (ie stole the khilafat), they did not even so much as consult us. They also took that which was rightfully ours (Fadak). Umar then left and he began to dispute with Abu Bakr, 'Do not leave (in peace) those that are refusing to give bayya'. Abu Bakr then sent his servant Qunfaaz to summon 'Ali. Qunfaaz reached 'Ali and said 'The Khalifa of Rasulullah (s) is summoning you'. 'Ali replied (mocking this new title of Abu Bakr) 'You have gone against the words of Rasulullah (s)'. Qunfaaz relayed these words to Abu Bakr, upon hearing this he (Abu Bakr) spent a considerable amount of time weeping. Despite his sending his Servant, 'Ali still did not come.

Then Hadhrath Umar accompanied by a group, arrived at the house of Fatima and began to bang on the door. When Fatima heard their voices she proclaimed loudly:

'O people, after Rasulullah (s), the son of Khattab..'

When the people heard Fatima's voice and her anguish they left in grief weeping, fearing that their hearts would be torn apart� Only Umar and some others remained, the rest returned to their homes. They removed 'Ali from his home by force and brought him before Abu Bakr, and said 'Give him bayya'. Umar said:

'By Allah, who alone is worthy of worship, I shall otherwise strike off your neck'.

'Ali replied:

'Would you kill a Slave of Allah (swt) and the brother of the Prophet?'

Umar replied 'I accept that to you are a Slave of Allah, but not that you are the brother of the Prophet (ie he accuses Ali (as) of lying)'.

Abu Bakr remained silent, and Umar said:

'Why are you not demanding the bayya from him?'

Abu Bakr replied 'As long as Fatima is by his side, I shall not pressure him'.

Then 'Ali went to the grave of Rasulullah, embraced it crying aloud 'Your Ummah now considers me to be weak and they wish to murder me'.

Meanwhile Umar said to Abu Bakr 'Accompany me to see Fatima as we have incurred her anger'.

They both wanted to see Fatima and so they approached 'Ali, who took them to see her. He ['Ali] sat them down but Sayyida Fatima turned her face away from them. They both conveyed salaam to Fatima but she did not reply. Hadhrath Abu Bakr then said 'Beloved daughter of Rasulullah (s) I love you more than my own daughters, and I cannot tolerate the fact that I remained alive on the day that your father had died. I know your exalted rank and status, but I did not uphold your claim for possessions as Rasulullah had stated 'Our property will not be inherited, whatever we (i.e. prophets) leave is Sadaqa (to be used for charity)'.

Fatima said 'If I remind the two of you about a hadith that you are aware of, will you then act in accordance with it?'

The two said 'Yes, do tell us'.

She said 'I want you to swear by Allah if you can testify to hearing this hadith:

"Fatima's happiness is my happiness and her anger is my anger. Whoever has maintained friendship with Fatima had maintained friendship with me, whoever upsets her, upsets me".

Both confirmed hearing this hadith from Rasulullah(s). Sayyida Fatima then said:

I testify before Allah (swt) and his Angels that you (Abu Bakr and Umar) have upset me, you did not keep me happy and I shall complain to Rasulullah (s) about this when I see him.

Abu Bakr then said 'I seek protection from Allah's anger and your (the Prophet (saws)'s) anger'. At that moment tears filled Abu Bakr's eyes and Sayyida Fatima said:

'I shall curse you in every prayer.'

Abu Bakr left the house hysterical and screamed at the crowd of people that had gathered outside:

'You people have it (so) easy and go to your beds in peace with your wives at night, whilst you have engulfed me in a terrible crisis (of conscience). I do not need your bayya, revo

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    Quran 9:101] Certain Araabi around you are hypocrites, as well as among the Medina folk: they are obstinate in hypocrisy: you do not know them : We know them: twice shall We punish them: and in addition shall they be sent to a grievous penalty.

    Who hurt Bibi Fatima (as)?

    The Prophet (s) said, "Fatima is part of me. Whatever upsets her upsets me, and whatever harms her harms me." Sahih Muslim, v. 5, p. 54; Khasa'is Al-Imam Ali of Nisa'i, p. 121-122; Masabih Al-Sunnah, v. 4, p. 185; Al-Isabah, v. 4, p. 378; Seir Alam Al-Nubala', v. 2, p. 119; Kenz Al-Omal, v. 13, p. 97; similar wording is related in Al-Tirmidhi, v. 3, Chapter on the Virtues of Fatima, p. 241; Haliyat Al-Awliya', v.2, p. 40; Muntakhab Kenz Al-Omal, in the margins of Al-Musnad, v. 5, p. 96; Maarifat Ma Yajib Li Aal Al-Bait Al-Nabawi Min Al-Haqq Alaa Men Adahum, p. 58; Dhakha'ir Al-Uqubi, p. 38; Tadhkirat Al-Khawass, p. 279; Yanabi^ Al-Mawadda, v.2, ch. 59, p. 478.


    Most hypocrites of Medina were known to Rasoolallah (saww)

    Who are those who were unknown to Rasoolallah (saww)

    bibi Fatima A.S said to abu bakr and omer

    i shall curse you after every prayer.


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    If woman Fatimah (RA) come to this international and understand what fitnah u r coming up she could curse you. Asker u r a liar ,u could circulate and repent for the lies u r spreading. Thats a blame and lie approximately Fatimah (RA).She grow to be no longer a individual who curses others , Bcoz she grow to be a daughter of prophet (observed),and evry one knows our prophet by no potential curse anybody for his own reason.

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    May Allah guide us.

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