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i have a dull ach like period pain is this normal in early pregnancy?

i asked earlier about my pregnancy tests as they were realy faint positive lines but in the last 2 hours iv started having period pain like im about to get my monthly i had simular pains with my last 3 children so could just be streching pains someone else mentioned being exactly the same as me and went on to have a miscariage

im a worrier anyone else been in this situation

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    I got that with this pregnancy. I thought for sure my period was coming. These cramps are normal and I had them throughout the 1st trimester.

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    dont worry its normal i got cramp like pains in the first trimester its not suprising all the mad things that are going on in there if it gets un bearable or you bleed then you should go to the doctors otherwise try not to worry and engoy your pregnancy x

  • In the beginning of my pregnancy I had pains like these. It's normal, your uterus is growing in order to hold everything.

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    i am 12 weeks pregnant and i was get the pains that you were talking about but i asked a friend who was also pregnant and she told me i proberly just had wind and that was the answer to my pain but this is my first and im only 19. hope it helps good luck!!

    Source(s): me and my friend
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