Are Manchester City a threat to Manchester United....?


They have just won the league, but STILL can't help themselves asking questions about Manchester City and our Billions.

What is the reason for this? Fear of seeing your club go into liquidation while City are debt-free?

The fact that no matter how much you win you'll never be a Manchester club or get rid of 'liddle Ciddy'?

All opinions are accepted and long as you keep to the point of the question.


@Braden U: Have you or i seen City fans brag about being rich? So i don't understand why they think we're all bleating about it mate.

We've got a superb backroom staff now and money to fend off bids for our players with enough to add to the squad. That's the point abput football isn't it? It just baffles me mate, that even NOW they are still talking about us when most Blues on here and other sites don't mention them, unless it's the derby.

If you're going on Sunday, enjoy it bud!

Update 2:

@Nanook: This is Yahoo ! ANSWERS, you're meant to ANSWER them!

That's why you are awarded points for answering and deleted them for asking.

PLUS you missed the point of the question. I'll use simple words for you this time.


Update 3:

@Fleetwood Rag: Hello buddy! So you've been to the Swamp a few times then? Or do you spend most of your time supporting your LOCAL club? Is that the best you can come up with "half filled ground"?

City's average attendance: 42,000. Stadium capacity: 47,500.

Hmmm, you need to do your maths again pal. Oh, Our HIGHEST attendance at the COMS has been against LIVERPOOL.

Now answer the question, at least try anyway.

Update 4:

@Nanook: IA Rag broke my mirror, that's why i'm RAGING! ARRRRRGH! Look at my profile, "i don't suffer fools gladly"

Act a fool, you get both barrels. Because you're such a fool, i'll have to reload. Twice.

Update 5:

@Shuriken: A clear, concise, sticking to the point, honest answer. Why oh why aren't there more like yourself on here?

Update 6:

@ Ninnook@ Yes, fool witha capital FOO! Look at Dylan's answer, compare yours with his and ask yourself, "could i have come up with something like that"?

Update 7:

@ Dylan: Thank you mate. I hope you know that any sort of vitriol is NOT aimed at all United fans. I love bantering with decent United supporters who stick to the point (like you did) but the problem is there are very few on these sorts of websites.

It's for fans like you that i hope United lift the cup in Barcalona because the way you present yourselves to other fans is deserving of it.

Update 8:

@Peter C: I only drink rum. See Dylan and Shurikan's answers? See them?GOOOOD boy! Now see if you can come up with something that classy. I'll wait....

Update 9:

@United-devils: Another one who misread the question. I'm asking WHY do you ask questions about us when we don't ask any about your club? Is it because you see us as a threat?

Saying Citeh is just childish, as i can say UNITEH.

Maybe if you, Ninnook, Peter C (brave boy) and Fleetwood could see this was a QUESTION and not banter, maybe you'd have the class to answer with a coherant, relevant response. nyehehehehehe

Update 10:

By the way, the "o" and "i" keys are next to each other, so that was just a typo. I rush, i admit. Rags is a response to Bitters. It's banter between Blues and Reds in Manchester. Normal banter.

Update 11:

@Nanook: To recieve respect, first you must give it.

I did warn that all answers would be gievn respect PROVIDING they stuck to the point in question. You didn't.

For the record i couldn't care less what you thought about me. I've never seen any intelligent, humourous non-biased responses from you on this site.

As the good dR says, i don't force you to answer. But if you do, i hope the answer is relevant to the question asked, otherwise what was the point?

Update 12:

@Dylan: can't you join in? This lot are boring me! :P

Update 13:

@United-devils: Exactly which City fans have been asking questions about United? Why 'pick' on just City?

Are you claiming to be bullies or something? I'm asking for the REASON you ask questions, saying we just like to isn't valid as you could apply that to Liverpool or Chelsea, they have been more in your awareness.

So why City, if you all claim NOT to be bothered by us?

THAT'S why i think you didn't answer, you skipped it, like most of you have, Nyehhehehehe

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    Snipe what are you doing?! You know how easily wound up people get on this section. Shame on you :P.

    I doubt Man United will go bankrupt. We shall be saved by some rich guy if it goes to far! I always have thought City were a threat to us when playing them, they do their best and I reckon in a few years your team might be top 5 worthy. You certainly have the money to get in some great players.... WAIT! WHAT AM I SAYING? I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN! But it looks likely.....

    Leave us Red Devils alone you naughty boy!!! :)

    Source(s): I don't ask questions about City, I just answer them ;).
  • 1 decade ago

    I completely agree with you... I will go as far as saying that I honestly think players are turning down Man City because SAF and the FA have a hand on it. I think their fear is so great they are willing to sabotage any potential transfers. The Big Four want to remain the Big Four and that would include cheating.

    Arguing with most United fan is like talking to a wall. They are the most successful team in the last ten year in the EPL, but if you ask them they think they're the best team of all time. What kind of bloody logic is that? But I think I've figured it out... Most have only been watching footy for the last five year. Hmmm...

  • Dylan
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    1 decade ago

    Well I'll adress each point of the question individually then ,ignoring the add on details as that is a debate that I'm not involved with.

    Not to me there not a threat and I haven't asked a single question about Man City on here other then ages ago that went will you be supporting Man City in europe tonight.

    I haven't seen too many questions about that tbh , Dr.bad asked a few about the manager yesterday which I saw and answered but as it's very much a topical issue and a talking point for this summer that's fair enough to ask as there's a decent chance Hughes might be leaving but I may have simply missed other users questions on it.

    Not fearful really as I think we'll learn from past mistakes and if we get really bad some billionare might save us like with Chelsea, but it wont get that far I think it may be tough though and that we have to be more Wenger like for the next few seasons but not too far.

    I'm not the slighest bit bothered about them not being Manchester's main team as what other people think of them doesn't matter to me at all and I know that City will always be more supported and loved in Manchester itself then us there's no changing that and I wouldn't want to change it either as we get enough support worldwide and across England.

    I'm sure you'll be a talking point all summer though with possible transfers though so just accept that people will ask questions, all teams are going to be talked about but with the money you're likely to be one fo the big players in the transfer market and I do believe Hughes will go as well providing more to ponder as well.

    edit - lol I'm going out in about 10 mins so need to switch off the computer in 5 so good luck

    Source(s): cheers EK and yeah I know it's not aimed at me, I understand as well if people say stuff ant City from our fans your going to get annoyed about it, enjoy your banter mate looks like you've got alot going on here. lol I get annoyed with some Liverpool fans sometimes and hope when I do that, that all the decent Liverpool users on here know I'm not aiming it at them either
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I take it as a compliment that deep down the Mancunian in them is talking about their 1st love which is their beloved City,cant wait to see how they cope when old grandfather time calls it a day as we are the batteries that are being charged and they are still a wind up,the only problem i see with us is the manager as i dislike his tactical awareness as he has got none,he does'nt motivate the players away from home,on the last game i'd try a few youth players as we aint in Europe as we have a few who are chomping at the bit,

    THE SLEEPING GIANT AWAKES -That was an accolade,that wil be a nice underneath PRIDE IN BATTLE

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    English as always great question just a pity the IQ of the reds lets them down again as i think they can only deal with simple questions about Liverpool and Tevez.

    I think if they are honest they know Man City are the next big force they are eventually going to have to face.

    Next season they may have No Ronaldo, No Tevez, maybe even NO Vidic he has spoken in the past of his love for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    I think they know years and years of spending on credit has left them in a precarious position. and i think its also down to the on field celebrations of Man Utd players they are expressing there feelings in a very inappropriate manner. see link.

  • 1 decade ago

    The bailiffs will be at Old Trafford very soon, then they'll have to get some money in, possibly from us in return for a Tevez.

    In this day and age money is very important to football. And thank god we've got a lot of it.

    I dont want to be big headed and say 'we're rich, bring in kaka, ronaldo etc. But we are in a fantastic position ;)

    EDIT: Haha I usually have a stab at someone about our cash but only as a joke in a light hearted conversation, but I would never bring it up in a heated argument.

    I mean look at our best player this season, he came from the youth academy! (Stephen Ireland of course).

    I wish I could go, but I'm completely strapped for cash. Definately gonna go up there next season for a few games and DEFINATELY derby day!

  • 1 decade ago

    What makes you so sure that a rich billionaire wont come and buy Man United? Heh.

    We post questions about Citeh just because we just like to 'pick' on a club who sorta 'talks' so much, but end up with no results. We are not at all intimidated by Citeh. Please trust me on that. I cant believe you can actually think that we see Citeh as a threat. LMAO.

    edit: Ah, looks like you cant understand my answer too. You see, your question of "what is the reason for this?" was answered by the phrase "We post questions about Citeh just because we just like to 'pick' on a club who sorta 'talks' so much, but end up with no results". I thought I had stated it as simple as I could. Nyeheheheh.

  • 1 decade ago

    things will never get that bad for united an i dont even think villa wud see use as much of a treat maybe in 3 or 4 years they might but doubt united do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is Manu a manchester club then i just thought they played there

  • 1 decade ago

    NO. we are not worried about manchester city. Billions do not matter..just because you can pay big money doesn't mean the player it self will perform.

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