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How much is it for a medium black wig?

I intend to cut and style the wig to make it shorter and spike it up.

I don't want a short wig because then the spikes wouldn't look right.

So anyone know of a PLACE not a site where I can buy such a wig?

I live in Sydney by the way


The wig CAN be short but the hair must go past the chin

Update 2:

and preferably the wig be synthetic

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The price will vary greatly depending where the wig was made, if it is real hair or synthetic, and how expensive the fibers are.

    A cheap wig will run you around $30-$50 or as low as $10 for a halloween wig while a high quality wig can run around $200 for real human hair.

    I would suggest real human hair if you are wanting to cut and style it. Real hair can be manipulated using straight irons, styling gels, curlers, etc., is easier to wash, looks natural, and lasts longer. If you are intending to cut it yourself you may look in to buying a real hair wig around the length you want, putting it on, and taking yourself to your hair stylist to style and primp the wig.

    p.s. if you use heat on a synthetic wig, no matter how nice the fibers, it will fry it up in to little shrivled up straw pieces. I dont know how else to describe it lol.

    I do not live in Sydney but in the U.S. I know that wigs are available at local party supply stores such as Party City, beauty supply stores like Sally's, and on kiosks in the mall I always see them. If you know of any beauty supply stores for black women, look there because they always have a lot of wigs!

    Good luck!

  • NunyaB
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    synthetic $20-40

    human $20- on up into the hundreds

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Prices vary.

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