Underground fans?????

where do you get your hip hop from?

buy or sell, Rapidshare sucks d*ck.

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    1 decade ago
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    2dopeboyz and Okayplayer usually keep me updated. And I frequent blogs that feature albums from cats I never would have heard of otherwise.

    Buy. That 15 minutes of waiting after a dl is stupid.

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    Where I buy from:


    They're kind of expensive, but they have a huge selection, and a lot of good clearance stuff that you can get for under $5. Plus they make a lot of deals with artists so they can release albums weeks before anyone else.


    Back in 2001-2004, they were they best. You'd buy an album and you'd get a ton of bonus items. They'd give you free t-shirts, posters, stickers, 12"s, and bonus CD's. Half of the bonus CD's I ended up selling on Ebay for $25-$50 each because they were so rare. I sold Cage's For Your Box bonus CD-R for $80. I think I actually made a profit buying from Sandbox. Now they don't give you as much and they're usually not up-to-date with new releases.


    If you can't find something anywhere else, CDBaby probably has it, but they only have really obscure releases for the most part.


    Free shipping, no tax, cheap prices. If I can get something on Amazon, I buy it from Amazon.


    They suck since they switched to the digital-only format, but occasionally they have things available before their release date and exclusive bonus tracks.


    Only for iTunes-only releases.

    Where I download from:


    They just take everything that gets posted on other blogs and forums and compile it into one blog, so they have almost everything the day it gets leaked. I have a long list of blogs in my bookmarks at home, but I don't remember the names. The blogs that have rare vinyl rips are my favorites.


    People post a lot of good stuff there. When I personally leak an album, I post it on there because I don't feel like managing a blog.


    I hate torrents but they're easier for more common releases because the links don't get taken down.

    Where I discover knew music:

    The radio stations on UGHH are great because they just randomly play songs from their huge audio section based on the category you choose.

    CDBaby is easy because you just put in an artist you like and they recommend some unknown artists that are similar. They're not always accurate, but you can preview almost every song.

    Just randomly downloading thing I have no clue about on blogs.

    Sell. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. You know at least half of the albums you've downloaded came from rapidshare. I don't know why people don't upload to other sites (I agree with Cap. Mediafire is by far the best), but if they want to use rapidshare, I won't complain because I'm still getting free music fast.

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    Well let's say you mean online. Recently I have heard that the old style p2p's like Limewire aren't working and have serious faults. This used to be a steady source for a lot of Hip Hop.

    People I know who used to use this are now forced to resort to Torrents and as we know with underground Hip Hop these often have few seeds and leeches but so far as I know are your best bet.

    Failing that most labels have online stores. CD Baby is one I've bought through before. Amazon often has a fair bit of underground.

    Here's a link to one of the weekly hip hop release sites I use...http://www.weeklyhiphopalbums.com/

    It has both underground and mainstream but it's where I find some gems. (eg I saw you liked Trek Life and Oddisee and they had their new joints listed)

    Source(s): Rapidshare can be good if that mofo works.
  • Cap
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    1 decade ago

    All sorts of places man...

    I talk to people,

    I check producer credits to find artists who've worked with the producers I like.

    I buy CD's from people who sell their material on the street if I have a listen. I listen to opening acts at gigs.

    I check scenes that are affiliated to hip hop. i.e. Spoken Word, B-Boying. Graffiti, Skating etc and see what people are listening to.

    I research particular musical qualities to find what I know i'll like. Talk to people at gigs and find out who they're feeling.

    I read reviews, Blogspots, Fliers at gigs relating to other gigs >_<

    I Youtube like crazy, Megaupload searches, Torrents, Last FM, imeem,UGHH.com,

    I check obscurely sampled tracks to see who's getting into them

    Buy - Mediafire is god's website.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    On myspace or itunes. Whenever I buy a hip hop album on itunes I go to the place where it says..."customers also purchased..." and i end up liking that music as well. Or word of mouth.

  • 1 decade ago

    honestly man, check out some record shops if you have a turntable. most of the shops near me all carry quality hip hop, but i live on the east coast though, so i dont know about your situation. vinyl records beat CD sound anyday btw

  • leVel8
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    1 decade ago

    I'll look for albums on blogspots, megaupload or i'll buy them off discogs.com, ughh.com, ebay, amazon, best buy, FYE, hastings, Barnes & Noble (i just bought a Lootpack album at barnes & noble this saturday).

    Buy, Rapidshare = the athlete's foot fungus underneath Ochocinco's feet.

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