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    code of conduct

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    我是覺得code of conduct的規定範圍比employee handbook小很多.

    可以說code of conduct是employee handbook的一個章節.

    因為看開題的版大好像不是要提出一份employee handbook的樣子. 所以提出 code of conduct來做參考.

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    Code of Conduct -指的是行為上的守則

    Employee Handbook- 指的是工作上的守則


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    code of conduct

    A code of conduct usually focuses on ethical and socially responsible issues and applies to individuals, providing guidance on how to act in cases of doubt or confusion.

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    Code of conduct lays out what you should do and should not do in your company.

    For example: Can you receive gifts from clients? How much is considered acceptable? How to deal with conflict of interest? What to do with inside information?

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    Yes, employee handbook covers more broadly such as work time and time off, expense policies, work safety guidelines, emergency procedures, staffing policies, career development, etc.

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