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Carl-元亨 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請幫我翻譯一則小故事~ 中翻英


有兩個小和尚,平常就愛抬槓。有一天,兩人又為了一點小事爭論起來,越說越大聲,最後吵得面紅耳赤,誰也不服誰。 第一個小和尚氣沖沖地跑去找師父評理。師父很有耐心地聽完小和尚的訴說,淡淡地說:「你是對的。」有師父這句話,第一個小和尚得意洋洋回房去了。 不久,第二個小和尚也氣沖沖地跑去找師父評理。師父也很有耐心聽完他的說明,照樣淡淡地說:「你是對的。」第二個小和尚也高興地回房去。 這時,一直在旁服侍的第三個小和尚忍不住開口說:「師父,您平常教導我們待人要誠實,萬萬不可做違心之論,可是,我剛才親耳聽見您跟兩位意見不同、有爭執的師弟都說『你是對的。』恕我冒犯,您這樣說,豈不是一種違心之論嗎?」 師父對第三個小和尚的質疑,不但不生氣,反而和顏悅色地說:「你是對的。」第三個小和尚入門較久,也比較有慧根,聽師父這麼說,立刻開悟,連忙跪謝師父的當頭棒喝。 原來這位師父的意思是:由於我們每一個人都自認為「我是對的」,所以才會固執己見,毫不相讓。假如我們能將心比心,站在對方的立場想問題,把想法顛倒過來,改為秉持「你是對的」的態度,爭執必定減少,彼此的摩擦也較容易解決。 一般企業裡,業務與生產部門經常因為立場不同而衝突不斷,聰明的老闆會定時將兩部門主管對調,這麼一來,情況就好多了。解決爭端,用同理心應答,可以讓溝通更圓通!

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    There are two young monk, usually on the love. One day, both of them together in order to argue that small, loudly, and finally red noise, no one who is not satisfied. The first to go to find a young monk master furious comments. Master young monk is patiently listening to the story, said lightly: "You are right." There are master this, the first young monk went triumphantly back room. Soon, the second young monk has to go to find a master furious comments. Master is also very patient listening to his description, the same touch to say: "you are right." The second young monk I am also pleased to return to the house. At this time, has been serving in the side of the third young monk could not speak: "Master, you usually have to teach us the others honest, must not do so against the theory, however, I see you just hear the two views with different disputed 『brother said you are right.』 if I offended, you say that it is an argument against it? "master of the young monk of the third challenge, not only angry, but pleasant to say:" you are right. "The third entry longer young monk, and more wisdom, listen to the master so that immediate enlightenment, at once a wake-up call master. The meaning of the original master is: Because every one of us thought, "I was right", so only stubborn, not to give. Care If we can stand each other's position on issues like the idea of reversed into uphold the principle of "you are right" attitude, the dispute must be reduced, the friction between more easy to resolve. General business, the business and production departments to regularly because of the position of different conflicts, smart business owners will regularly swap between the two heads of departments, that case, the situation is much better. Settlement of disputes, the empathy response, allowing better communication Yuantong!


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  • 1 decade ago

    千萬不要用"游游"的. 按三行沒有一句文法是對的.懶得看了

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