When property inspections, termite, roof, etc. are done on a home, can these be accessed by others?

I am looking into buying a home, but don't know if I will be the 3rd or 4th person to do a termite inspection on the same property within the last year.

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    A pre-purchase inspection report is done for the client. Agents don't get to hand them out and good inspectors won't either. They may offer you a cut rate for their work, but typically should do the full inspection again. It's a contract-law and liability issue in most jurisdictions.

    You can ask the selling agent if they have one but think what this means. They will only let you see a good report.

    Bottom line is that you are better off to get your own inspection done.

    In most parts of the world you can agree to purchase subject to a clean inspection report. That way you only do the inspection you really need, not one for every house you consider.

    Your pre-purchase report from a competent, insured, inspector offers you peace of mind (and if they've messed up you can always claim against them).

    Never let the seller or an agent or a pest controller who has worked ion the property suggest an inspector. It's just too risky.

    Hope this helps

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    look under the kitchen sink...some states require a sticker placed with the date of the inspection. Other locations are the breaker box...hot water heater area or maybe the central heating unit

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    What ever it may be. You should do home inspection from your side, then only you will be sure about the problems associated with the home.

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