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Who would like see Farrah Fawcett's Cancer Cured?

If any one reading this post knows how to get this message to Farrah Fawcett, or Ryan O'Neal, please hurry and get this to them. It will help save her life!

I have heard reports that Hemp Oil containing THC may be an effective alternate treatment for Cancers, Diabetes, and other serious diseases. This treatment is described on Rick Simpson's website phoenixtears.cal

It has nothing to do with Smoking Pot!

The treatment involves her ingesting a small amount of the HEMP OIL WITH THC about three times a day, and do not stop. She needs to only ingest a small amount about the size of ½ of a grain of Rice. It will have to be done in secret, as it is Illegal to Distill the Hemp Oil containing THC out of the Hemp Plant.

Also immediately go to a doctor who will prescribe Medical Marijuana and get her Medical Marijuana card. Somebody then can take her or go for her to a State authorized Medical Marijuana Pharmacy. I believe the pharmacy can also distribute to her the Hemp Oil containing THC.

If not someone will have to take care of the distilling of the Hemp Oil with THC for her. What options does she have at this time? None! I am sure that with millions of loving fans, there must be someone in the Southern California Region who can supply this HEMP OIL WITH THC to Farrah Fawcett.

Ryan, act on this now for Farrah.

Go to phoenixtears.ca

Rick Simpson’s videos show in complete detail how the process is done to distill the Hemp Oil with THC. The Youtube video show below also shows how the distilling process works.

A separate medical research group came to the same conclusion with their research.

Go to Scientists Exploring Truth in Healing, (SETH): www.sethgroup.org

And watch time-lapse video of THC KILLING CANCER cells in the brain while normal cells are perfectly alive and untouched. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the main active ingredient in marijuana.

The Cancer Cure NS team

Cumberland County, Canada's Cancer Cure Community




Any medical researcher should look into this information very clearly. Anyone with Cancer or other Serious diseases should be given this information and decide if they should attempt their own treatment.

DO NOT ask your regular doctor, your oncology doctor, regular nurse, or your HOSPICE nurse or HOSPICE CAREGIVER, they will all tell you this is nothing you should take and they will not help you with the HEMP OIL WITH THC. They will tell you your only possible chance is to let them fill your body with Poison Chemo Drugs.

For those who have run the gauntlet of Chemo Therapies with no success, they have nothing to loose to look into this alternate treatment.

CHEMO THEREPHY kills more people in the world than it cures! That is a verifiable proven fact the medical doctors and drug companies do not want to tell you.

People will see that this alternate treatment is not legal in the US or Canada and people in order to attempt to save their own lives must realize they will have to take extraordinary and SECRETIVE measures. There are some countries that may allow these treatments in a legal manor. For those at the end of your rope, you have everything to gain and nothing to loose.


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  • lo_mcg
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    At the behest of people posting on this forum I have watched Rick Simpson's videos a number of times.

    What I saw was a number of unsubstantiated testimonials - no way of knowing if these people had ever had the conditions they claimed, and certainly no way of knowing if they'd been 'cured'.

    But I'll accept they had those conditions. And as I've had cancer, the ones who'd had cancer were the ones to whom I paid most attention. And you know what? - they'd had conventional treatment too, but had chosen to credit the hemp oil with the improvement in their condition.

    This often happens with alternative treatments - a patient has chemo and feels crap, because chemo makes you feel crap. After the chemo is over, s/he takes some 'alternative' medicine; soon s/he begins to feel better. Well, that's no surprise, you do begin to feel better when chemo is over. But s/he chooses to give the credit for feeling better, and for subsequent improvements in her/his condition, to the unproven alternative rather than to the conventional treatments, which have been rigourously tested and proven in double-blind clinical trials.

    And that's what's happened here.

    I had surgery, chemo and radiotherapy over five years ago for an aggressive, advanced cancer; I am fit and well, with no sign of cancer at my last routine check-up. Chemo and rads aren't perfect, far from it; but we know because they have been tested and proven that they save many lives and prolong many others. The cancer patients in the film are fit and well following conventional treatment too.

    And anything that claims to cure everything from cancer to weight problems to insomnia has to be regarded with suspicion at best.

    The conspiracy you suggest doesn't exist; the basis of the argument that pharmeceutical companies and governments would want to cover up a 'natural' treatment is that naturally occuring substances can't be patented, so there would be no profit in them.

    In fact it's common for synthetic derivatives to be made that are an improvement on the original, and it's also common to get patents on the methods of isolating or administering the substance.

    So even if a pharmeceutical couldn't make money directly from hemp oil, if hemp oil, or marijuana, were effective they could make plenty of money and get plenty kudos from developing a safer, more effective derivative. The chemotherapy drug Taxol is derived from yew.

    But so far hemp oil and marijuana have not been proven effective against cancer, so pharmaceutical companies don't bother with them. They're after profits, after all.

    And cancer is not one disease , it's an umbrella term for over 200 diseases. The difficulty with finding a 'cure for cancer' is that different cancers are caused by different things, so no one strategy can prevent them .They all respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them, so there isn't a magic bullet that cures all cancers and there never will be.

    People like you, with no knowledge or experience of cancer, are sometimes inclined to believe what they read on the internet with no actual proof to back it up. Google cancer cure and you come across thousands of nutjobs happy to exploit the misery and desperation of vulnerable people. And that's exactly what you've done. Do you know one single cancer patient personally who has been cured by hemp oil? Thought not.

    You have at least a one in three chance of developing cancer yourself. When/if you do you are of course free to use hemp oil or anything else you have read about on the internet to treat it rather than relying on tested and proven methods. Good luck with that

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      I cured my naturally!

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    I am afraid she is following the path Steve McQueen went. You remember he went to Mexico and tried I'm thinking Peach pit ground up or some derived from it for an experimental treatment. It didn't do squat. Once it reaches a certain level I think it rules...Farrah use to be so beautiful when she was young...her hair simply awesome...a hard row to hoe indeed.

  • Dave
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    1 decade ago

    She is in the best hands money could buy and getting the best treatment possible under the circumstances.

    I don't know Why they did not put a port in her for her chemotherapy though, it is baffling to me for somebody so frail to needlessly spend over two hours to find a vein to give her chemotherapy treatment.

    As far as your concoction goes, I have no faith in it.

    There are millions praying for Farrah's remission to happen, I truly hope she survives.

    It must be hell for Ryan to see her suffer so, I cared for my wife's battle through her cancer treatments and it was tough.

    You won't find too many people here willing to gamble their lives for your so called cure. That is just the way it is, to stay alive she has to go through what she must endure and she is doing it bravely.

    We all have our crosses to bear, this is a hard world.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm guessing she's tried everything that's even been remotely a posibility to a cure for her, if I was in her place I would have looked into ANYthing that might help, no matter how small/simple the idea and would have tried it even if I thought it was silly, there's always a chance that the simplest thing might be the one that does it. Maybe try a website that devotes itself to her, a fan based site and post what you typed in here, word for word on all those sites, she's bound to see one of them, she's probably gone on the internet here and there and looked to see what things are being said or suggested. I'm sure she googles like the rest of us. Good Luck! Hope it works.....I feel for her and everyone who's in her position, the longer we can be with our loved ones is the most important thing.....Good Luck Farrah!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my wife is dieing of breast cancer and the mindless mumbo jumbo that your pedaling to give force hope to those who are most vulnerable makes me want to vomit

    THC does relive some of the nausea, it doest reduce tumors, it isn't a cure.

    Chemo does work, it got rid of tumors on my wife's pleura. The doctors (well at least our ones) would do anything to cure cancer and he is on the cutting edge of research. chemo doesn't kill people , people with metastatic cancer will die , when each of the chemos agents stop working. however its not the chemo that kills them its the spread of the tumors

    no doubt the next post will be about linseed oil

    its all quackery

    you an evil prick

    your insanity wouldn't be so bad if you dint try to ruin the remaining time people have left

    i hope you rot in hell

  • april
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    1 decade ago

    Wow J K, I can't believe you think any of us on here are stupid enough to fall for your bullshit! Chemo has certainly helped keep me alive. You on the other hand, when you get cancer make sure you ONLY use the hemp oil, K?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Who wouldn't? Sadly, it looks like that's not going to happen.

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